Best deal on an E-ring?

  1. How do i get a diamond broker? I am not that into geting a brand name diamond i just want my bf to be able to get me the biggest diamond for his dollar. Or are there better jewlers to go to that give better deals because in the malls and jewlry stores the prices jsut seem so outragious and neither my bf or I want to order a stone on the internet we want to see the ring first. Do you ladies have any suggestions for me? Thank you.:heart:
  2. A diamond broker is the middle man, he's the one that supplies/sells to the mall jewelry stores :yes:
    Our's in is in Houston, we found while living there.
    Every big city has them, usually there's a big secure building{s} they all are in, some are set up like real stores inside, others are more like offices.
    Our guy is set up like an office, you go in, tell him what you are looking for and he brings out GOBS of goodies. Or he lets us go into the safe w/ him :drool:
    They can also make anything custom you want as long as you have a brand name and style $# or photo..
    Like if you like some Scott Kay design, tell them which one and they'll custom make one for you.

    We have a local jeweler too now for less expensive items, but she wanted double what we just spent on eaarrings from our broker and that was w/ her 'special discount' for my DH because she knows he refuses to pay retail for anything.
    Also, my earrings are slightly better clarity than hers were.
  3. yeap because every time i ask for anything over 2 carrots they tell me a rediculous amount of money and i want to see some bigger diamonds I think for 20 K if i am not set on the best quality I can have a bigger ring.
  4. in a retail store there's no way to get 2 carats for 20k, not one you'd want probably.
  5. the ones we saw sucked it was disappointing most retail stores only carry about 1 ct. and the desinger jewlry is wayyy out of our price range.
  6. when I was shopping around for my 2cttw earrings, I could barely find them in stock too. . . they looked dumbfounded when I asked.
    I'm not into designer jewelry so much, at least not the expensive stuff.