Best deal for lv bags!

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  1. Hey,
    I'm new to this website and a friend of mine told me to come on here and you guys for help!
    I am a huge fan of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Chanel and Dior.:heart: I recently had a child and I am trying to find a nice used bag thats big enough for all of my things and maybe a few of babies things too.
    I am looking for a really good deal for used designer bags that are guarenteed authentic. I know how to tell a fake from an authentic from ten miles away! (in person that is):okay: But online its a little bit hard to find a good deal for an authentic bag. Could you ladies please help me!

    Thanks Heather
  2. If you run a search you will find that there are some threads about authentic resellers and their websites. Of course there are always auctions sites. With anything, there are some wonderful ladies on here who will help you with authenticity issues. If the bag you are looking at has its own designer forum, there should be a thread you can post the bag photos on and have it checked out before buying.
    There are also sales! Check out deals and steals and the designer forums for updates. Best of luck and congratulations on your baby!
  3. Hello
    Thanks for a fast reply! I ran a search on Google but the only sites that came up were eBay and e luxury. Which I have already checked a thousand times! My price range right now is about 500-700. Where else can I search? Thanks :biggrin:
  4. serena meant within purse forum, not google.
    You can also try
  5. Okay well I am very new to this website so please help me out and tell me how to get the search going. Thanks! fashionphile I know it very well from eBay. I searched plenty of her items but I'm afraid most of the bags that I would like are out of my price range. I was looking for any other sites with a price range of $500.00 (or under) to $700.00 at the most.
  6. If you look toward the tope of the purseforum page there is a link that says "search tpf" that a great place to start for deal sites. If you go into the lv subforum there is a search this forum link towards the top right of the forum page that will allow you to just search that forum.
  7. im from boston and i would go to Second Time Around on Newbury st but they have like 15 locations and they get great bags in...i know because i used to work there. the website is and you can do a search too for bags on the site and it will tell you which store has lv bags.
  8. You could also try Bonanzle.
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