Best deal for Instyle magazine subscription?

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  1. Does anybody know where to get the best deal for Instyle magazine subscription? Unlike others, I couldn't seem to fine any discounts for Instyle. Thanks.
  2. My best friend has been working for InStyle for years. I will ask her and get back to you.
  3. Thanks!
  4. I pay $18 a year; I forget how much for 2 years.

    wilc914 if there's a better deal, I'd be interested too :smile:
  5. Yeah, I have been looking for good subscription rates for InStyle, too!
  6. kkiimm, I've searched, but I don't think they're selling Instyle.
  7. ^^ sorry, it's through (it looks like the same company but studentmags is for students & teachers)
  8. you can get it for $15/yr at

  9. THANK YOU!:rolleyes:
  10. Do you need some sort of proof in order to purchase from
  11. I know you're looking for a physical subscription to InStyle, but you can also read it online here. Just found the site a few days ago!
  12. Haven't forgotten about you guys. Still waiting to hear back from my friend at InStyle.
  13. Hey you guys,

    I heard back from my best friend at InStyle and this is what she said:

    Your friend's best bet is to Google InStyle Subscription online to find the cheapest deal. Obviously, you only want to buy from somewhere that doesn’t look sketchy.

    It’s hard because InStyle doesn’t discount much at all. We sometimes participate in magazine drives for schools and those are discounted.

    This is also a cool site we are launching if you don’t want to commit to a year... it’s not live yet but will be shortly. It’s like a Netflix for magazines, you can stop or change your subscription at anytime. Just pay a monthly fee.

    I hope that helps!!
  14. You can get it from for $23.88 a year and get 50% cash back from live