Best. Deal. Ever.

  1. So I was in the Barney's in Beverly Hills yesterday. Some how they had found a brown b bag that was like 2 seasons old in the back. It was totally flawless, but I guess because it was old they had marked it down to $299. Of course I had to snap it up!:yahoo:
  2. $299 for a Bbag?! :nuts: Lucky you - that is a fantastic deal. Any pics?
  3. I'll take some in a few. It's just a plain brown color, I think a couple seasons old. But awesome, because I have been needing a brown bag for ages. I always end up buying some other color instead!

  4. Great deal! Congrats! Can't wait to see pics.
  5. Woohoo!! Congrats!
  6. :girlsigh:WOW!!! Now that is awesome.
  7. It is very pretty!! Great find!
  8. No way! what a deal!! congrats!
  9. That is an awesome deal!!! Something like that happened to me at NM once with a Gucci bag that had been returned from a previous season! Great bag...great price!!
  10. Congrats! You got a truly awesome deal!:tup: Enjoy.
  11. Congrats!!! Woo hoo what a deal!
  12. Oh Beautiful!! Congrats on an AWESOME deal :wlae:
  13. wowser, you did amazingly well.

    Congrats, and enjoy using your amazing find!
  14. Thanks everyone, I'm still so excited. I should have bought a lottery ticket yesterday while I was having such good luck!