Best days to visit Nord Rack, NM Last Call, Off 5th?

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  1. Hi Ladies....

    I have a curiosity question that I can't seem to find the answer to by doing a search on the topic.

    Are there certain days of the week or month that are best to shop at Nordstrom Rack, NM Last Call or Off 5th? For example, do they stock new merchandise on particular week days (say like a Tues/Thurs) or is it completey random?

    I drag my impatient toddler with me so I was hoping to target certain days if they really exist.

    Thanks for the info!
  2. I can't help you with days of the week (I don't know when they restock etc), but I can tell you I have better luck on weekdays and mornings. I find weekends to be much more crowded. I also prefer mornings or the late evenings (right before they close)---at that time the items are better organized and anything that was in the dressing rooms has been put back on the floor.
  3. My NR gets merchandise on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But I don't know if that's true for EVERY NR. I would assume each store would get deliveries on different days.
  4. LabelLover - I notice that you are in am I. My local NR is in Sterling and if I am feeling adventurous I will go to Potomac Mills or Gaithersburg, MD.
  5. I am on the mailing list for Nordstrom Rack and I got a postcard a week or 2 ago that says that they are getting a new large shipment in starting tomorrow Sept. 21. I haven't noticed a particular pattern with days of the week, but if you get on their mailing list they will send you alerts. Also, I was in the Leesburg VA Barneys outlet today and a saleswoman told me that they get new merchandise in on Tuesday, so Wednesday morning is the perfect time to go there.
  6. There's a new one in Fairfax, VA and Pentagon... but when I visited the FFX one it didn't have the extensive clearance/discounted racks yet like Sterling and PM's do.
  7. I second this- my greatest finds have always been in the morning on a week day. I pretty much only go at that time because I go after I drop my kids off at school :graucho:. I still have my toddler, but I bring her a drink & a snack and then look quickly while she's occupied!
  8. Also for NMLC, if you shop at NM or Last Call, I think you start getting their mailings too. Or ask them if you can sign up. They send out great coupons..40% and 50% off one reg. priced item..30% - 40% off your entire purchase. They usually have sales twice a month.
  9. Jojy - I was also at the Leesburg outlets this morning....only Banana Republic and Off 5th though. Got some Ugg sandals for around $25 clearance and some shoes for my husband.

    Bunny - Wow! I had no idea that there was a new NR in Fairfax....that is my old stomping grounds. I will have to check it out this week...thanks! Pentagon is too adventurous for me. I try to stay on the outside of the beltway to avoid the major traffic congestion/parking issues.

    Candy - I hear you. Snack/drink buy me enough time to walk in the door and make it back to the shoe area. Then it is all downhill from there....

    Fun2BAround - Ironically, I went to Last Call for the 1st time this weekend and stumbled upon clogs that I have been wanting. Went to check out and the cashier gave me 30% off just for signing up for email. I almost mauled her in joy!!!
  10. I agree that week days are the best time. My NR is a madhouse on the weekends!
  11. All you ladies live in the DC/VA/MD area and didn't attend the TPF meet and greet in July???? I'm devastated!
    I live in Sterling and frequent that Rack so much they know my husband and my mother!
  12. You and I are fairly close then :smile:

    Sorry, I didn't see it (and was in Alaska for half of July) but will definitely be willing to meet up for the next one schedule pending!
  13. :yahoo: Yeah, those coupons are great. I don't shop Last Call without one. LOL!
  14. Week day mornings are hard for us working folks to manage.
  15. I didn't know there was one! Is there a thread for these meet and greets?