Best Day for TJ Maxx

  1. I hope I'm not duplicating a thread already posted, but I tried to check (I'm still a bit new to the forum). At any rate, I just wondered if anyone knows if there is a best day of the week to go to TJ Maxx to look for bags -- like which day they get new shipments, etc.? Or a best day out of the month? I'd like to start checking regularly, but I'm not sure how to plan it! (I'm a little obsessive...:wtf:). Thanks!
  2. Usually the ladies that monitor the dressing room or at the jewelry counter are friendly and will let you know when they restock. The stores here tend to have the best selection on Tues and Thurs. I also prefer the stores with the 'runway' section.

    I think for the most part though, it is just hit or miss.
  3. Whats a runway section? I have not heard of that before.
  4. I think the beginning of the month is also good. That's when they mark old items down to clearance.
  5. Certain stores have a Runway section with higher-end designers. Check their website to see if your location has one.
  6. I have been told supposedly Tuesday they get new shipments.
  7. We don't have the runway departments in Florida :sad: I wish we did!
  8. I think every store is different. Mine does theirs every Thursday. They get the best Runway Section pieces! I've gotten a LaRok dress for $40 and a Badgley and Mischka wool cardigan for $80. Last shipment they received included Rock & Republic dresses and tops, Vince cashmere sweaters and Diane Von Furstenberg dresses!
  9. I'm so jealous. The closest we can get to marked down DVF is at the NM Last call in Orlando.
  10. Ours has two shipments every week, one with mainly clothes and one with mainly accessories. You should be able to just call them and find out what days!
  11. my TJMaxx had a great runway selection, but the items tend to go fast, and the ones that don't end up in clearance, where I've gotten deals that are almost unbelievable.

    the last huge deal for me was a marc jacobs dress the retails for $ was marked down to $99, and because someone had returned it and took off the original tag, it was then marked down to $25!!! the dress is in great condition, and it's those yearly gems that make me love tjmaxx.

    but I'd say that every tuesday or so I see new items - and also on tuesdays is when they usually mark stuff down.