Best dark brown for birkin?


Whats your color/leather choice for a brown birkin and why?

  1. Chocolate togo

  2. Ebene clemence

  3. Marron fonce fjord

  4. Havanne evergrain

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  1. Whats the best dark brown for a birkin bag in your opinion?

    Chocolate togo
    Ebene clemence
    Marron Fonce fjord
    Havanne evergrain
  2. what about café ? not dark enough? if that is the case i go with chocolate togo. i like dark browns on the warmer side
  3. I think cafe is too warm for me personally, as I have cool coloring, but I agree that its beautiful. I wish the poll options were more than 4. I would also like anyones thoughts about whether any of you find brown unnecessary and opt only for black, or black and gold/camel, or black and a color (Hermesgroupie, I think you fall into the first camp, right?)
  4. ah i see . to answer your second question. i only and ever wear black/white rarely grey so i found dark browns not going too well with my wardrobe i opt for lighter shades (think caramel,gold,sable etc) or black and of course colors as these offer a beautiful pop against my monochromatic outfits. but go with what goes best with your wardrobe for me that is even more important then skin coloring (but i am a firm believer that there are no boundaries if you love a color it will shine through and you can pull it off)
  5. I wear a lot of black, charcoal, white and clay/stone type colors. I am wondering if I bag the dark brown idea entirely and instead try to buy one in etoupe. I have cool coloring (light blond, blue undertones in skin) and the brown that seems to appeal to me most at the moment is ebene. I was not wild about etoupe at first but its really starting to draw me in. I do have several black bags, however, and I always think of ebene as a substitute for black.
  6. JM, i wear mostly black, and I found black, etoupe and rouge H as best for me! I agree with Lilach, the H-colors pop really beautifully with black clothing as well, if you are into colors! (especially in croc:tup:)
  7. JM, the Etoupe sounds perfect for your coloring and wardrobe. I chose MF in Fjord simply because I like the more casual look of the leather and the darker/cooler tone of the brown. Generally my earthy toned clothes are a bit more casual vs. my cooler-toned/black clothing so MF in Fjord works perfectly.
  8. Love ebene! It's dark enough to be formal, but not your typical black.
  9. I agree with everything Orchids said!
  10. Ebene clemence.
  11. I vote for Ebene Clemence: I have it and ADORE it! I'm not a big fan of browns with red undertones.
  12. Jedi, I wear the same "colors" as you. I wear tons of black and cool tones. I have ebene Barenia and it's a great alternative cool is dark enough that it can go with my black things too if I choose to mix browns and blacks.
  13. It was a toss up for me btwn ebene clemence and mf fjord both are gorgeous...I went for the Fjord because the leather is a little less common and I think it looks especially beautiful in MF.
  14. My vote is for ebene VL-a beautiful warm dark brown !
  15. I've been looking for a dark brown/espresso color Birkin, too. I've seen Marron Fonce in CDC, but would prefer something more matte, so the Fjord might be it. Not quite sure what difference there is, if any, between Ebene Clemence and MF Fjord. I voted for Ebene since Fjord is typically heavier than Clemence.