Best dance scene in a movie?

  1. The last scene in Dirty Dancing for me. :heart:
  2. For me, it's either the scene in "Dance With Me" when Vanessa Williams and Cheyenne are dancing at this club, and everyone's changing partners in such quick succession that it makes your head spin OR the scene in "Dance With Me" when Vanessa Williams and her partner/baby daddy are dancing at the beginning of their competition, and all the other couples are out there on the floor dancing with them. That's a good scene, because the floor is full of actual professional ballroom dancers, and everyone is so talented.
  3. this is tough. there are quite a few. but the ones that popped in my head were Donald O'Connors dance in Singing in the Rain (where he walks up the wall) and Gene Kelly dancing with the cartoon mouse from Tom n Jerry in Anchors Aweigh. Then theres Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in Dinner at Eight. oh there are just too many to name!
    • The opening sequences of all three Austin Powers movies.
    • The modern dance class, the salsa club scene and the final ballet in Center Stage.
    • I don't care HOW many official rules were broken: the routines in all three Bring it On movies.
    • Thriller from 13 Going on 30.
  4. * The last scene in Dirty Dancing and the dancing sequences of him and Penny...The whole movie!!!

    * The dance competition in Dance with Me and at the end when she dances with Cheyenne.

    * Batman Returns - When Michael Keaton is dancing with Michelle Phiffer and they find out who they really are when they scene!

    * The dance sequences from all the Austin Powers movies esp Goldmember

    * Labyrinth - when Jennifer Connelly is dancing with Bowie...he's hot in that movie lol

    * Save the Last Dance - the ending when she's trying out for Julliard
  5. Pulp Fiction when Uma Thurman and John Travolta dancing at Jack Rabbit Slims.

    All of Saturday Night Fever.
  6. I second that.
  7. ^^For me, it's Grease. :yes:
  8. Grease!!

    but in Can't Buy Me Love, when they all do the african mating or tribal dance...anywho, that scene was funny!!
  9. I'd have to go with anything Dirty Dancing.
  10. John Trovolta in Grease!
  11. Hands down - Napolean Dynamite's solo dance! I love it!
  12. from Singing in the Rain I like when Gene Kelly sings Singing in the Rain always puts me in a good mood............and the "Good Morning" routine too

    I also like when Gene Kelly and Judy Garland do "For me and my Gal" in For me and my Gal

    man Gene Kelly was just awesome!!! :heart:

    and I like all the routines that Judy Garland used to do with Mickey Rooney........they had such energy
  13. What I can think of right now is Mel Gibson in "What Woman Want" . The scene where he`s in the bathroom.
  14. Ditto that!! I love that he did it to Jamirquai's Canned Heat track.