Best cuticle oil/cream?

  1. What is it? My cuticles are soooo dry no matter what I do. Any recomendations?
  2. currently I use drugstore sally hansen cuticle/nail oil......LUV it smells nice makes your nails and cuticles super super nice. I have not ventured out much in the cuticle serum range because I usually dont do my own nails
  3. ^^Me too, I love that stuff. I think it has Vitamin E in it, works really well.
  4. Lemony Flutter, from Lush is my favorite!!! It does a great job on my cuticles. I also use it on my feet.
  5. I really like something called "Solar Oil". I can't remember who makes it though. It smells so good! I actually put a few drops and use it on my hands and feet too. :smile:
  6. I use the Sally Hensen cuticle oil. IT WORKS GREAT!
  7. I agree with "sparkyjt", solar oil is the best! It is made by Creative Nail Design. If you get a mani/pedi, your nail technician can hook you up, otherwise you can get it at Trade Secret.
  8. Sally Hansen cuticle oil.Haven't found anythig better so far!
  9. I recently picked up a tube of cuticle cream from L'occitane. The sales girl said it was amazing and I'm an easy sell for anyone swearing to the "magical properties" of the latest nail cure. ( I'm in acyrylic nail recovery) I swear my nails are stronger from rubbing this stuff in every night! I've had nail techs tell me a healthy cuticle is KEY to strong nails. Makes sense I guess! So far, I love this stuff.
  10. Rosebud Salve...its for lips but does wonders for cuticles and can be used as a hand lotion for emergencies...and the scent is beautiful!!!!
  11. Plain vitamin E, just open up the capsule and rub it all over your nails and cuticules. Very good.
  12. same here :yes:
  13. ^^I'm gonaa have to try that stuff. (I've been recently using their bath bombs and bubblebath & love it!)

    Right now, I'm using Sephora Nourishing Cuticle Oil & and Sally hansen stuff. The Sally H stuff for when I'm at home. But because I wash my hands a lot at work, I bring the Sephora stuff with me (it looks like a pen that you twist to get the oil out, and the tip is a brush which makes it easy to message into the cuticles).
  14. I have only tried the "Solar Oil" and it works well. Love the scent!! I like to rub it on my knees and elbows, have to try it on my feet!!
    I may try that Sally Hansen oil next time just for something different, it would be easier to get!
  15. I use this too! Only I love the Minted version.