Best cupcake and cannoli in NYC?

  1. Where can I get the best cupcakes and cannolis in Manhattan? Pref not too far out of Midtown.
  2. There is Magnolia's down on Bleeker, they have excellent cupcakes. There is the Casa Cupcake on 9th btn 40th and 41th in Hell's Kitchen. I am unsure of good cannolis though....sorry.
  3. For cannolis, I'd say head towards Little Italy. At least there, you'll know they're authentic.
  4. Ferrara's in little italy is the BEST!! You must go there. For cupcakes..maybe magnolia.
  5. Veniero's for cannoli and etc. Ferrara is too touristy and overpriced. Veniero's is on 1st and 11th.

    I'm not a fan of Magnolia, either. Cupcake Factory is good, as is Buttercup Bakeshop.
  6. Sugar Sweet Sunshine has the best cupcakes in NYC! The founders used to work at Magnolia or so I hear. It's not as sweet, which I like! Must also try their banana pudding.

    Other places for good cupcakes: Crumbs, Dean & Deluca

    As for cannolis and other Italian pastries, Veniero's is where you need to go!!
  7. magnolia Bakery or the Cupcake Cafe for cupcakes. For cannoli, Veniero's all the way!
  8. ^^^ Magnolia is the best!!!!
  9. I just don't get the Magnolia thing. We tried it last time we were in NYC to see what all the hype was about and we found the frosting to be sickly sweet and pastey.
  10. I had the same experience, but I don't have as much of a sweet tooth as some people, which is why I guess I didn't like their stuff. The lines outside were what annoyed me more, though.
  11. Eleni's in Chelsea Market has the BEST cupcakes ever. The icing is really light and not too sweet, but you can still taste a hint of butter, and the cake is delicious and moist (even after 3 days). They're absolutely perfect!

    I've tried: the plain vanilla and chocolate ones, Baxter (coconut), and the peanut butter cup and oreo ones (forget the names), Spring (lemon) and Lafayette (red velvet). They're all fabulous, but my favorites are Spring and Lafayette! I can't choose a favorite between those two, because they're so different but soooooo good!! :girlsigh:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Yes! I was going to post this as well. I don't know about cupcakes because I'm not really a big fan of them. Sorry!:shame:
  13. I second this.
  14. I also like Veniero's for cannolis, but for cupcakes, how about Billy's Bakery? :yes:
  15. i've been meaning to check out eleni's, i've head great things about it!

    one of my favorite places to get cupcakes is crumbs, although i only like their mini cupcakes (especially the raspberry frosting one). the larger ones tend to be a bit on the dry side IMO. magnolia's is good if you want that classic supermarkety cupcake but better, but i have to admit they're super-sweet and i have to really be in the mood for them.