Best Cross-Body bags

  1. Aside from Eva, what do you think is the brst cross body bag LV produced?
  2. I love the pochete metis
  3. South Bank!
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  4. Petit Noe
  5. Mick!
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  6. Noe bb
    Palm spring mini backpack
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  7. Twice is very nice especially if you get prints and color right.
  8. Discontinued I love the twice and mabillon. Current is the South Bank. I tried it on the other day and it's a great bag!
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  9. Yes twice! Wish the mono canvas and a colour was back in stock! That was a great one
  10. Same here, would buy another one!
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  11. Palm Springs mini backpack. Tried and tested through 6 weeks in Orlando (disney world and all). Easy to wear, doesnt dig your shoulders, holds a TON, has no vachetta and can withstand water droplets. AND gets tons of compliments!

    If mine breaks I would get it again in a heartbeat.
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  12. Second that

    It’s sad they discontinued them. I’d definitely get another emp. I’d love to see it in the marine rouge.
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  13. Yes that would be gorgeous! Count me in on that one and also would love it in rose bryre
  14. I agree! I have one in mono but wanting one in the reverse as well! It’s so cute
  15. I need to add that's it was 6 weeks in Orlando with a young child! No other bag! Her extra clothes were in that mini backpack too (they roll small). I used a mini pochette for my wallet (and attached the chain to the front zip of the backpack for protection. I also had an iPhone 6plus, lipstick and compact powder and floss and sunglasses in there! Also had one small facetowel and hand sanitizer. No problem! I would even fold park maps and it would fit easily.

    I have the pochette metis and thought I'd use that more but nooo the Palm Springs mini has my vote