Best cross-body bag?

  1. What do u think is the best cross-body hands-free bag? I tried on the reporter bag and I think its too wide for me. I want something thats not huge, but big enough to carry a water bottle, wallet, keys, phone, and a few odds and ends. I think I would prefer something not monogram, and was thinking about the damier olav pm. Anyone know if the MC noe can have a longer strap to wear cross-body? What do u think is the best cross-body bag? Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Damier Geant Citadin? I think it's Gorgeous! Our father is getting one for x-mas from us!
  3. Can somebody graciously post a picture?:rolleyes:
  4. believe it or not, i somehow managed to fit my wallet, phone, keys and water bottle in my Musette Salsa :yes:. i have it in the Monogram with the long-strapped version, but it's available in Damier too:


    there's also the regular Musette, which is bigger than the Salsa:

    musette salsa 001.jpg musette salsa 002.jpg
  5. I would have thought that its not wide enough to fit a water bottle! :wtf:
  6. Has anyone seen the Damier Naviglio in real life? Thanks!
  7. i usually make it fit if i want it to :lol:
  8. I have the Navaglio in Damier....

    It is really nice b/c it is still narrow enough to look like a brief but long enough for magazines....the closure is so great, it has the zipper then it has a snap closure on top of that...its great for travel!!!!!!:yes:
  9. Cool! Is it a very big bag? Do you happen to have a picture wearing it? :graucho:
  10. I don't want to stuff it in might make a huge lump where the water bottle is! :lol:
  11. My SIL has one and I think that if you don't like the size of the Reporter, it's not likely that you'll like the size of the Naviglio either...
  12. I am in love with the Messenger PM Bosphore! :love: Even the Pochette Bosphore is really nice too!

    I'm considering buying the Bosphore PM next year in Hong Kong, or when I return from Hong Kong.
  13. I like the look of the Musette Salsa with long straps in damier........

  14. Here it is!!!! :P Oh, Im 5'7 and 127 lbs....
  15. The Trocadero 27 is very cute when I saw it on a petite girl, and the Nil was stunning on a taller girl, although both bags alone don't seem that special!

    I also really like the mini lin Danube for a cross-body bag, but it's just too small. I wish they made a bigger version!
    trocadero27.jpg nil.jpg Danube.jpg