Best Credit Card Rewards Program?

  1. Hi! I currently use United Mileage Plus Visa, but I am sick of the $60 annual fee along with the fact that I need to spend $25,000 to get one domestic flight. I also have American Express Blue, and that's AMAZING. However, not all places take AMEX.


    Which credit card rewards program do you guys use or think is the best to apply for? I want something with no annual fee and provides a great cash back policy. Visa or Mastercard is my choice. I'm debating between Citi Rewards or Chase Cash Plus Rewards.

    Help! :lol:
  2. I'm pretty happy with Discover's cash back policy. It's 1% for purchases (which means that my bill payments don't count, but that's not too big a deal), and they often have 5% specials, like all supermarket purchases for a month are 5% cash back. You can also increase the value of the rewards by trading cash for gift cards, etc. I generally just reapply the cash as a credit to my account, but you can do pretty much whatever you want with it.
  3. Oh, I have the Chase Cash Plus Rewards, and I love it. :amuse: I heard that some other cards have a limitation to how much rewards you can earn, but with the Chase card, there is none.

    I've had mine in under a year, and because I charge practically everything, I've earned lots of free $$. I posted on this thread before how there was a promo for getting $100 after your first purchase, but I think that expired 4/30...
  4. my hubby's happy with his discover card too. he gets to buy gift cheques for sharper image at a discount.
  5. i have Citi Dividend Card which has pretty nice rewards
    u get 5% cash back at grocery stores, gas stations, and drug stores
    and 1% cash back on any other purchase....

    also there is no annual fee

    i also use discover, but only when there is special 5% cashback program :biggrin:

    and amex blue is some times good b/c they will offer like double points...
  6. oooh thanks thanks!