Best Cookware? Opinions Please!

  1. I am looking to buynew cookware, we just bought a new home and I don't want to take my yuck old pots and pans with me. My old set was Wearever that's all I've ever used so I am wondering if there are better options out there! Thank all!
  2. I think cast iron is wonderful! I keep a combination of that and stainless steel in my house. I also have Revereware, which is stainless steel with a copper bottom, but the problem with it, at least the older pieces that I have, is that the pan can warp if the temper changes too rapidly. Regular old cast iron is what I use, though most people prefer the attractive enamel-coating of Le Creuset....but honestly, that's all it is, pretty cast iron, lol. I keep steel around because, well, it's hard to describe, but some things are better not cooked in cast iron (like pastas and sauces and such). But a cast iron dutch oven and a large cast iron skillet are musts, all of my other skillets, pots/saucepans are steel though.

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  3. Oh and just to add: some people use pans with a non-stick surface. I personally avoid them because you can only use certain tools with them, less you end up scratching the bottom and ruining the pan. My mom bought a huge calphalon set about two years ago, and was so fed up with it after a few months she dumped it for a new set of stainless steel! We're heavy cookers, and it is too fragile-ish to use for us.
  4. do you cook on gas or electric? different types of pans respond differently to different fuels.
  5. My all-clad set has served me well. I also have some copper bourgeat saute pans which are wonderful for making sauces. A pressure cooker and an iron skillet are also musts!
  6. I agree with Tano - all-clad is very good. I used to read cook's illustrated magazine, and each month they did a comparison test for different kitchen tools. For cookware, all-clad generally came out the winner. I think the only all-clad item that they were lukewarm about was the dutch oven.
  7. No doubt Caphalon -- durable, performs great; I have had my set for 9 years and it still looks great and performs well.