Best consignment site? Ann's? Jill's? Portero?

  1. I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with eBay, particularly with buyers who want brand new, authentic items for pennies on the dollar. Are there any consignment sites that are better than others? I would rather sell my items for a lower cost via consignment than deal with the strange people I have encountered on eBay lately.

    Does anyone have any personal experiences, with Ann's, Jill's, or Portero (or any others)?
    Thank you!:yes:
  2. I've sold several bags through Ann's and have been quite satisfied. They are professional, present the bags well, and are prompt to send payment once the bags have sold.
  3. ^^ Thank you. Ann's takes 50%, is that right? I believe Jill's takes 40% and Portero takes 30%.
  4. I've never sold on consignment, but for what it's worth... the navigation on Jill's drives me nuts! I hate that I have to look at all these other bags and I don't get to just go straight to the brands I like. So from a buyer perspective, my vote would be for Anne's or Portero (in that order too).