Best Conditioner For My Black Matinee

  1. Just purchased my first Matinee bag in black/blue combination and the leather is really wonderful. Is Coach moisturizer ok to use? My bag does not have the glazed leather.Anything that you could reccomend that I don`t have to send off for would be great.:confused1::yes:
  2. ^Coach moisturizer is totally fine to use
  3. I agree with the Coach leather cleaner. I'm currently using Apple Leather Conditioner, whcih always works beautifully on RM bags.
  4. I haver the same bag and I reall don't think you need to condition it. If you want to spray it to protect it... that would be fine, but I think good leather ages well on its own. I think as long as you keep it clean an occasionally give it a swipe... that would be enough. I've had tons of Balenciaga bags that I don't moisturize and it ages beautifully... I definitely believe that RM bags will do the same. :smile: