Best Concealer and liner for sensitive eyes

  1. I have tried Bobbi Brown and MAC concealers, works fine but my eyes are sensitive and after a few hours they sting and get watery.

    I have the same issue with liners for waterline, have tried Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, Revlon, Maybelline and Clinique so far.

    Could anyone please recommend a good concealer and liner please :smile:
    I need help, don't want to waste money in buying products I cannot use!! TIA
  2. Looks like you have tried a lot of good brands. I was going to say Urban Decay. Hmm, how about Lancome? If your waterline is sensitive, just don't do the waterline. I can't have anything on it too, the eye will get very dry and irritated. You may just have to accept that and live without it. The safety and health of your eyes are more important than makeup. Don't spoil your eyes.
  3. I have also tried everything under the sun! I have same exact issue. Very sensitive eyes and sometimes even certain mascaras makes them get crazy watery and they burn a little. The only relief I get is by closing them for minutes at a time. No fun :sad:
  4. I have the same issue with liners and mascaras. The burning, watery eyes, itchy eyes are a pain, but I found Lancome and Stila eyeliners perfect for my eyes.
  5. I don't normally do my waterline and I can live without it. But I need to find a concealer solution a I have dark circles.
    I will try Lancome.
  6. I recommend something that doesn't have perfume in it - like clinique :smile: I have super sensitive itchy eyes and I think borderline occular rosacea and I use it with no problem :smile:
  7. i use laura mercier, i have sensitive skin / eyes and never have an issue
  8. I have very sensitive eyes and am able to use stila gel liner
  9. How about Smashbox Second Skin concealer, and perhaps SB jet set for eye rims?
  10. I use Cargo OneBase for under eye concealer and have no problems. I have tried a bunch of eyeliners on the waterline and my eyes always, always water and look terrible afterwards. I use MAC fluid line as liner, but not on the water line.
  11. I tried the Cargo One Base, but found all the colour choices somewhat orangey. I've now gone to the Cargo Blu_Ray concealer and am having really good results w/ it. Less is more; little goes a long way, etc, etc, but what I like is that I have very sensitive skin, rosacea, and ageing dry skin under my eyes. The Blu_Ray (as long as you don't use too much - I got reverse racoon circles 1st couple times) doesn't sting my skin or eyes, moisturizes a bit while still staying put, and doesn't settle into my fine lines. Good luck - a good concealer is hard to find!!
  12. Best concealer Cle de Peau (and believe me I have tried them all) Drawback it is $70.00 (Nordstrom's or N-M)
  13. I agree, it is great concealer, even at $70! Sadly, I've spent much more than that trying and throwing out one's I didn't like.......