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  1. I'm in search of the best compact wallet, doesn't matter what collection men's or women's. I need one that can hold cards and a bit of cash. Nothing too bulky though. Help! Thanks tpf fam.
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  2. The victorine.
  3. Doesn't it get too bulky after adding in cash and cards?
  4. Pretty wallet, but yes bulky once loaded with your stuff. I passed.
  5. ZCP is the best compact wallet for cards and cash only- IMHO. I love how it fits so much but it's also very slim. For a good medium- size compact wallet I really like my Compact Curieuse Wallet. I can fit 6 cards, plenty of cash, and some coins without getting too bulky
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  6. ZCP is so hard to find at the moment plus I like the open face layout more. For some reason, I feel like the accordion layout is such a disappointment.
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  7. I dont think LV offer too many wallet options like that ATM that aren't bulky. The only one that I can think of was ZCW OM. that wallet fit a ton and still was so slim.
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  8. I'm actually a fan of the pocket organiser. can't fit *too* much, but enough for a few (really few!) cards and a few notes. ;)
  9. Have you looked into the Pallas compact wallet?
  10. Looked into it .. however I think it'll be be too bulky for me.
  11. I really like the pocket organizer however I know others who don't feel that having the cash laying around is not safe. I wouldn't want to lose the cash. ]:
  12. well, if you fold the banknotes (individually) into 3, they can fit into the slightly larger compartment on the left. but there isn't space for too many bills that way, and i think american bills are slightly longer than euro notes, so perhaps it wouldn't work so well.
  13. Rosalie coin purse. I use it in my Eva and small bags on the weekend. Slim and compact but holds a lot!
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  14. I've really debated on this wallet also. Good price point too.
  15. Pocket organizer
    I fold US dollars in half and place under back pocket on left. I picked this up to use with a clutch and it works really well.
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