Best compact powder...?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'd like to ask what's you favorite compact powder! I'm looking for a good one, preferably not too pricey ;) I only use it on my nose btw...
    Since I've heard so much about the Nars blush, I'm wondering if the compact powder is that great too. I've got Maybelline powder, which is okay, but looks a bit too 'powdery' and my nose gets a bit greasy after a while, so I have to keep applying. And I have a Sephora one, but it turned out a bit too light so I can only use it in the winter, when I'm a bit paler.
    Love to hear from y'all!
  2. I like MAC studio can use the sponge underneath for more coverage or use a brush for lighter coverage

    I'm a HUGE HUGE NARS fan, but their compacts are so-so IMO....not so many color ranges....their lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows and just about everything else rocks though!

  3. I love the Diorskin compact. I bought it because I wanted the smallest one I could find that includes the applicator in the compact (rather than having to tote a separate brush in my bag) and the coverage is beautiful. It's the one that goes on wet or dry with a little sponge applicator.
  4. Thanks for your replies!
    I decided not to get the Nars one. I'd rather buy a great other Nars product like the blush!
    I'm going to try the Diorskin when I go to Amsterdam! Sounds nice!

    If anyone else has an opinion, please post :smile:
  5. I like Armani or YSL powders. They are pricey though.
  6. DiorSkin
  7. I like Chanel double perfections and the same thing in the white compact
  8. Studio Fix :smile:
  9. I like Chanel's.. but I can't remember the name, sowwy :sweatdrop:
  10. MAC Studio Fix, I've been using it for the past 5 years. I'm Indian so my skin color gets hard sometimes to match, but the Mac Studio fix really does the job. It's the best all around compact for the money I think. It's not that expensive.
  11. I like Diorskin too but I carry the Elizabeth Arden pressed powder. It makes my skin feel silky smooth.
  12. I will never use anything but Shiseido Powder foundation as my compact. I bought it for the first time last week and od my GOD I friggin love it. It makes me awful skin look beautiful!
  13. I really like the Lancome dual finish, but I think I'll be giving some of the other powders in this thread a try. :yes:
  14. If you just want to keep your skin matte: MAC Blot Powder or Giorgio Armani Silk Powder Foundation

    if you want coverage: Chanel Double Perfection Compacte, MAC Studio Fix covers even better, but you are more likely to get breakout from that one
  15. i love Chanel.