Best compact digital camera?

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  1. heyy alll .. i'm getting myself a new digital camera after using this bulky Olympus for 5 years.. i need some suggestions/opinions.. these are some of the options available.. do tell me which is better.. Canon Ixus 860IS, Sony t200 and Sony t70.. I need something light which doesnt sacrifice performance ;)
  2. do you want something where you can change the aperture, shutter speed, etc. manually, or just a point and shoot? if you just want a point and shoot, check out the Canon Elph series. great cameras.
  3. For incredible simplicity and pretty decent pictures, I suggest a Cannon Power Shot. Ours was about 130.00 and had it over a year without any probelms. It comes with a cable and I can trasnfer the pictures almost instantly to my laptop. My avatar pic was taken with it.
  4. I've actually received Casio Exilim and Pentax Optio as gifts. Exilim is better than the Optio. If I had to get a replacement, I would go with Canon. Canon makes great cameras
  5. i got a canon sd750 after christmas (the digital elph). its uber slim and takes great pics! highly recommended
  6. Id go with the canon sd860IS because it comes with image stabilization, it is a Canon so ure gonna get beautiful canon colors, mostly a point and shoot but gives u just enough manual controls.
  7. I have a Canon SD600 and it is the best camera in the world. Its small, filled with features, I can use it and so can my 13 yer old. Honestly any Canon is great. Google camera comparison or something like that and there were a few sites that went into depthon why Canon was good and Sony was bad.
  8. I have a Sony cybershot and just love it :smile:
  9. thanks for all the suggestions.. i knew sony wasnt gonna be a hit haha
  10. I LOVE my Canon SD750 - the 3.0 inch LCD screen is amazing!
  11. I 500th the Canon. I have a SD750 and absolutely love it. It goes with me everywhere!!! Great pics, easy to use, and some fun little features.
  12. I've been researching for a few weeks now and this one gets amazing reviews by most regular people and editors of photo websites:yes:
    I may buy it from Costco soon as they have a lenient return policy in case I don't love it as much as everyone else :p
  13. I have a MAC and do a lot of photobooks and DVD's for people who can't figure out how to get the pictures off their own cameras! LOL

    IMO, CANONS have the best digital images. Even if somebody has a more expensive digital camera from another brand - the images are always better with a CANON.

    PS. I've found Panasonic has the best video.
  14. i've been using the point & shoot canon powershot digicam and have never had any problems with them. i just recently got the SD750 for xmas too, and i love it, esp. the 3 in. LCD screen. :tup:
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