Best Comments/Actions at Work!!

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  1. You know when you have a moment and you can't quite believe the person just said/did what they just said/did. I just had one of those and was thinking this would be a great place to have everyone post them. It could be from a coworker, customer (they always make for great stories), boss, etc.

    Here's mine that just happened. I was helping someone add a new email mailbox to her folder list in Outlook. Say the name of the mailbox is Company Announcements but with the way the set up the actual email address it really is just companyannouncements. So I told her to type "company no space announcements". She actually typed "companynospaceannoucements". I of course thought she was kidding and I said to her, "You're so silly", she wasn't joking. All I can say is wow! :wtf:

    Let us hear yours!!
  2. lmao that`s funny!
  3. wrong thread sorry!
  4. Hahaha, I know what you mean!
    This is actually about computers too: My aunt is a complete computer illiterate, but she took a job where she was acquired to be able to do a lot with the computer (she lied on her resume...). She was being homeschooled, but she just sucks at working with the computer.
    Anyways, she called me to ask me my e-mailaddress. So I told her, and I explained you could make an @ by pressing Shift+2 at the same time. She wrote it all down, and then she asked: 'So, and that dot, huh? Is that also on the keyboard?'

    It was SO funny at that moment!
  5. Today we had a ribbon-cutting ceremony at our new office building. A supervisor of another department was getting rather irrate over another co-worker in another office.

    In the meantime, they were giving tours of our building to local and state dignitaries (sp??) and I saw them coming.

    Then I hear, "She is effing pi$$ing me off! She is annoying me like a effing chauwawa (sp?!?)"!!

    What?!?!? Hello, there are important people coming!

    So I sent her an e-mail. I had to tell her to be quiet.

    And to think, last week someone set a note on my desk telling me to tone it down! (Whatever...)
  6. last week, i was showing my dad how to burn a cd and so he was on my laptop. when he was ready to burn it, i touched the 'BURN' button on my screen. I said "Click this" and then my dad copied me and tried to push the button by touching the screen. lol.
  7. ^^^LOL so cuteeee
  8. We have a really charming older lady that runs the law library. She's always asking for people's email number :roflmfao:. She's not kidding either. :nuts:
  9. I heard this story from a coworker.

    He told me his uncle was a complete computer phobe, and finally purchased one. He chose AOL as his ISP. He was pissed because his password wasn't working on the sign in screen. He called AOL and was trying to explain the problem to them, and he started yelling at them because no one could help him with his password problem. They told him that it was a problem with his keyboard and told him to contact the place where he purchased the computer.

    He then called my coworker and told him that he needed a ride to the store. When my coworker got there his uncle explained the problem he had with AOL. He told him that the AOL people were morons because he only experienced the problem on their sign on screen. He could type perfectly fine on the keyboard.

    So my coworker asked to see what was happening. His uncle turns the computer on, and starts to sign onto AOL, he types his password and says, "You see! All that comes out are these little goddamn stars!"

  10. Very cute!
  11. in my appraisal my manager told me "i have 24 women to please on a daily basis and that i no easy task for 1 lonely male" he meant he couldnt please everyone but it came out all wrong and sounded kinda dirty.