Best colour in Epsom

  1. Which colour do you think looks best in Epsom?:shrugs:
    Come on, share your thoughts.
  2. This is just my opinion, but I like the bright colors like orange, yellow, white, bleu jean, vermillion, etc.
  3. I love epsom in blue jean :heart:

  4. ME TOO !!
    It looks like baby blue on epsom :P
  5. Gigi, have you seen bleu jean in Swift?
  6. Does anyone have pics?

    How does yellow looks like hermesgroupie? If its a berlingot, what do you say?
  7. I would describe it as sunflower yellow. My store had a Berlingot in yellow epsom. Very bright, sunny.:yes: I wish I could take a camera into my store for you.:sad:
  8. best for me in epsom are yellow and cyclamen
  9. Yellow, orange, BJ and white for me!

    White, especially since epsom cleans quite well so white should be good in this leather.

    The yellow is a really nice bright yellow but not like neon or something.
  10. I have a yellow (Jeune) Bearn and I LOVE it!! It just pops out in my bag and I find it right away... What is the best way to keep it looking bright? How do you clean Veau Epsom?
  11. Yes, HG. I've seen Blue Jean in Swift - Very nice & has a very slight "pearly" sheen.
  12. My mini Plume is epsom: raisin with cyclamen piping. My mini Evelyne is also raisin epsom. I love that color/leather combo!
  13. Rouge Garance :love:
  14. here you go!
    birkin 309.jpg birkin 327.jpg
  15. I LOVE epsom in fuchsia:love: Has anyone seen it? It's a lighter shade of fuchsia that reminds me of a pretty flower. It's fuchsia without being baby pink or overwhelmingly loud. It will look great on an Evelyne PM or a bicolor Birkin/HAC.