Best Colour for Bedford~


best color for bedford~

  1. amarante

  2. pomme

  3. rasberry

  4. perle

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  1. have a miss out any other colors ?? hopefully not. :smile:
  2. from the colors you listed, I voted Pomme.
  3. vote for amarante !!!
  4. I'm loving the Pomme more than anything else. I don't really fancy this bag in the Framboise or Perle. I haven't seen an Amarante one in action yet, Even still, I think Pomme is best. So yummy.
  5. Pomme.
  6. The Pomme is gorgeous!
  7. I love Indigo...(you can still find it, just have 866 locate one for you) Anyway, from you list.. I like Amarante..

  8. i voted for amarante. i don't care for how it looks with the unpatina'd handles, but once it darkens i think it will look fabulous :yes:

  9. I believe noisette, it's like a beige color is also available in vernis currently, I see it on elux. I voted perle for a bedford but I also like the noisette, I guess I'm not a color person. I would like accessories in the raspberry or pomme, that would be my choice. I like houston and brentwood in amarante. those are my favorite vernis shape and the ones I favor, including bedford. Bronze vernis is the color that I most adore however, it's discontinued. What are you deciding?
  10. I love the amarante!!! I think it looks beautiful in it!
  11. pomme gets my vote.
  12. I just love amarante
  13. I like fuchsia
  14. framboise!!! it's a lovely color for the bedford
  15. Pomme!