Best Color & Place to Buy a Baby Paddington

  1. Well girls, I think I've decided that it's going to be a baby paddy but i need help to decide on:

    1) what color??? I'm in love with both the argent and the muscade.

    2) where is the best place to buy one? I'd prefer to buy w/i the US so I don't have to deal w/additional costs....
  2. has a great assortment at good prices! They are in Japan but the shipping is only $30ish and you can declare the value of the bag low to avoid duties.
  3. Muscade is $799 and argent is $926. I just ordered a bag from them and it was seamless!
  4. how much in customs and conversion fees did you pay?
  5. I declared $100 and didn't pay customs. I also used paypal and am pretty sure there was no conversion fee.
  6. Thank you ma'am!:yahoo:
  7. Ohhh how exciting - sounds like two new chloe's are on their way! :woohoo: And I just spent 1k on a tooth. I'm not jealous at ALL!! :crybaby:
  8. i luv the whiskey color!
  9. Muscade is a great color and they are usually accompanied by the ultra-smooshy-pebbly leather, TO DIE FOR!!:drool::drool:
  10. Well girls, argent is on it's way to me. Doesn't look like diabro has anymore??:crybaby: so i went to LVR, which I'm sure will cost me more in the long run...dunno...but I will post pics as soon as she arrives!:yahoo:
  11. COngrats!!! Can't wait to see piccs!