Best color match for my vintage Coach bag

  1. Hi. I have a vintage all leather coach satchel (no.822-5711) which is in need of some polish. Is there a company that makes a leather cream that can match the olive drab color on this bag?
  2. why not use their products? coach, i mean.
  3. Thanks for responding to my Question. I tried but Coach only sells conditioner and cleaner for leather goods...nothing with color.
  4. Oh, I can help with this.

    The March issue of InStyle mag has a section devoted to caring for your higher end purses and lists a leather cleanser/moisterizer combo that is for ALL colors of leather, it is a Kiwi product and retails for $4. Find that issue and you will see the product. They recommened looking for it in any good shoe repair shop.
  5. Thanks. I will check it out. But I was really thinking that because the color is worn on parts of the shoulder strap, that it would look "newer" with a bit of shoe cream. (I really need to stop my "addiction" of using "quotes.")
  6. Hi again. Today I took my vintage bag back to Coach. After the SA tried out their conditioner and cleaner products she ended up sending me to a shoe repair store close by. I purchased Meltonian # 153-sherwood. The color is a perfect match and now the bag is looking g r e a t !

    Word of caution: The shoe repair man warned me that the color may rub off onto my clothes so I followed the polish with the conditioner. I will keep everyone informed if it becomes a problem.
  7. Did Coach say it was okay to put color on it?
  8. I am glad you were able to make your bag look nice again. Post a pic?
  9. Since Coach's products did not work to restore the color, the SA believed it was worth a try. The color cream may stain clothing, therefore leather dye is a better choice. I forgot to mention, the shoe repair place can re-dye the bag for $29.

    I will try to send far I have not had luck posting pics that aren't the size of garbage cans!