Best color in ostrich?

  1. Hi,

    I'm new so I hope this new thread isn't repetitive. For kelly and birkin bags, does anybody have an opinion which colors are best? Are some colors are lighter in ostrich than other bags?

    Also, do any of you feel that the ostrich is not worth the price they are charging right now and if so, why? It looks so durable yet it's exotic... and exotics are always pricier, right?

    Any opinions? I see so many pretty kelly bag in ostrich and they are smaller than the Birkin so maybe this is a nice way to try out ostrich leather to see if I like it! Thanks. :smile:
  2. Hands down, Vert Anis, IMO.
  3. of all i've seen bleu roi ostrich really takes my breath away.....that's my vote! check out jennifleur & mrssparkles' pics of their bleu roi ostrich bags....stunning!
  4. ^^ I agree...vert anis is an awesome color. Followed by blue roi.
  5. Has anyone seen bleu jean ostrich? What's it look like? I couldn't find a pic anywhere. The bleu roi sure is pretty but it's too dark for me I think, so is Thalassa and royal.
  6. Blue Jean ostrich is absolutely stunning but very rare. My SA says she has not seen BJ ostrich for a very long time. In a previous thread, it was said to have been discontinued.

    You can find a colour swatch of BJ ostrich in the Hermes Reference sub forum > Grands Fonds' sample colour thread.
  7. Red!
  8. Thanks, sparkles!:smile:
  9. Definitely Cobalt Blue ostrich. The best color ever made in ostrich ... Yup, even better than my favorite color
  10. I have never even heard of that color. It must be pretty! I'll have to look for a picture. Thanks!
  11. pazt, moviegirl, and i know someone who just bought a vert anis ostrich with GH and it is STUNNNNNNNNNNNING!!!!!!

    i also love fuschia ostrich!!!!
  12. My vote would be Blue Roi then Vert Anis.
  13. ITA:yes: