Best color for re-sale?!

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  1. #1 Jul 23, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 23, 2016
    Hi Ladies,
    You may have seen my previous thread and the short version is that I was visiting the Chicago boutique, (live out of state) I was in a rush and went ahead and got the Evelyne PM in the Rouge Tomate. I have been questioning this decision because of the color since I made the purchase and even called to have them not ship the bag, but they already had, and now they are getting it re-routed to their store. I looked and there are no other available colors that I am interested in or like (at least not enough for a bag in this price range). This was my first foray into Hermes ( I own several Chanel's, LV's, etc), and I have spoken with the store manager and they won't issue a return, only a store credit. They also said that the new colors won't come out for another couple of months, and I don't want to hold a store credit for that long, and quite honestly, the staff have been so unhelpful that I don't want a store credit with them anyways - I will buy from online next time. My plan currently is to have them send me another bag and I will go ahead and just consign or sell it and take the $ hit (this sucks and hurts to even write it). This leads me to my ultimate question since I am a Hermes newbie - are certain colors more desirable/easier to re-sell than others? As of right now I just have the store credit, so could order any color that is available. I would really appreciate any advice on this, I'm literally frustrated to tears. I have been eyeing this bag for forever, and wanted to treat myself and go to the boutique and have this great experience, but it has been nothing but disappointing unfortunately. Thanks again!
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  2. Not sure I understand. Is it the color you dislike (as you posted above) or the bag? In either case there are many other things you could get with a credit that wouldn't require taking a loss or not enjoying what you bought.
  3. Sorry, I know I am rambling a bit. I love the bag, just not the color. I looked at the gold and the rouge tomate in store. I own several other camel/brown/black bags, so was wanting to branch out a bit, and get a color. I didn't want to spend this kind of money on another bag that is so similar in color to several others I already own. However, I am not a red person, and I was in a rush, and went ahead and went with the rouge tomate thinking it would grow on me. But, the more and more I thought about it, I was not in love with the red and am really not a red person (no red shoes, no red accessories, no other pieces of red in my closet because it's not the best color for me. I am fair, dark hair, with green eyes). The problem is, colors I do like - like malachite for example, they don't have/can't find. There are no current color options that I am interested in, and I don't want a store credit for months waiting for the new colors to come in. And like I mentioned above, the boutique has been so unhelpful and difficult to work with, I don't want to deal with them anymore. So, I am now left with having to order some bag that I don't really like and trying to make the best of it by just reselling it. I just don't know if a seasonal color or a classic color (like etoupe or gold) would be easier or better for resale, and was hoping to get some advice.

    Thanks for reading all of this, btw ;)
  4. sorry, meant to quote your question in my response above!
  5. Evelynes are pretty easy to get. I doubt it would be months before a colour more to your liking came in. I'm not sure you can use a store credit online - you might want to check that.

    Resale depends on a lot of factors. Suggest you do a search on what's selling online for how much if you are determined to buy and resell. Or ask the service you choose. They will have a good ideas well, if they sell a lot of Hermes.
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  6. Thanks for your response. Yes, they told me that a store credit won't be able to be used online, when I say "order" I mean have the Chicago boutique send me another one. They were the ones that told me new fall/winter colors weren't coming out until September or October. I just wasn't sure if having them send me one in a neutral would be better than a seasonal color - I don't know how in demand seasonal colors are...
  7. Sorry - I guess I still don't understand why you don't work with the store to make the situation right and get something in a colour (or use) more to your liking.
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  8. I have been trying, the colors that they tell me are available I don't like. They told me that the new colors for Autumn/Winter wouldn't be out until September or October. I don't like having a store credit for over $3300 US just sitting around, and they have been so unhelpful (I have never had this type of experience at a Chanel boutique for example) that I just want to be done with them - instead of waiting around a couple of months hoping they can "help" me again in the future...
  9. You will likely lose quite a bit on the bag just turning it around and consigning it. Why not try out a another color that you might like? Or a basic neutral? Like Misti said, Evelynes are pretty easy to get, even in the "hot" colors of the season, so you may not realize a large premium by reselling it.

    I'd check eBay recent sales though to see if any colors are selling better - my guess would be Bleu Electrique, Etoupe, Gris T, might sell a bit better.
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  10. Sorry to hear your first H experience was a frustrating one. If I may suggest, maybe look at other bag options that you may like and for colors that would be suitable for the same, or similar price range rather than using a store credit to resale and take a loss.

    Have you looked at Garden Party or Victoria bags? These are handbags not crossbody bags and might be more to your liking? Also, what about SLG's - wallets, belts, bracelets ?
  11. Thanks! I looked on eBay, but could only see the current listings, not sure how to look at the recent sales of the bags?

    Thank you - There are two colors of the garden party bag that I like (mallard, cobalt), but just don't want another tote. The evelyne bag itself appealed to me because it is so different from everything else I have in my closet.... :sad:
  12. Sorry, I know this all sounds a bit crazy - I'm postpartum, and I wanted to treat myself. This attempt to treat myself clearly has been an epic failure - now I'm just super frustrated and wish I could get out of this whole mess :sad:
  13. I'm sorry this is such a mess for you. Soooooo what is your definition of "new" colors??? And why are u only interested in those? Reason I ask is RT is a new color... so is blue hydra... blue paon... these colors are out NOW. There's a BH evvie Pm on now. Also other new colors. So I'm confused what color YOU DO want? The boutique can transfer in bag for u in a color you do want.....Evvie pm/gm is not hard to get. I would never go down a "reselling" route if the boutique can get me what I want (within a reasonable amount of time). Evvies are not top sellers on the resale market without a deep discount... you will likely take a huge loss because RT is released now and plentiful. It's not like you have Rose Tyrien or Rose Sukura which pull higher sale prices to be frank. Why not work with the SM or SA and not take a huge loss? It will all work out, just take a deep breath and relax.... :hugs:
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  14. Hi, thank you and thanks for your questions - so, I was really wanting a malachite or similar color - they didn't have it which is why I ended up getting the rouge tomate, again thinking it would grow on me - it has not. I spoke with their SM and she looked in their system (to try and transfer in a different color), but told me they don't have any other dark green/blues available in the company other than one left in blue indigo which she told me is almost black. They then told me to wait because "new" colors would be coming out in September or later for fall/winter. And since Rouge Tomate is available now, and will be continued through the fall and winter as their red color (per the SM), my thought was exactly the same as yours - that it wouldn't be in demand in the resale market. That was why I was thinking maybe a neutral would be a better exchange, because it might have a broader appeal and make it easier to sell?
  15. Wise words IF!!!