Best color for petite noe?

  1. I'd never thought I'd be wanting a Noe but now that I have developed a desire for one....I can't decide what type!:confused1: There are just so many styles.Which line of petite noe do you like best?(pics are welcome!)
  2. i just got my epi red petit noe last week and it is such a wonderful style :smile:
  3. Epi in Myrtille!
  4. I think epi in black or red is the most versatile, at least for my wardrobe!
  5. Monogram Petit Noe, Yellow and black Epi Petit Noe, Damier Noe. Ready for two more.
  6. I like the red and blue!
  7. mono is always a classic. from there i think the black is also very versatile.
    honestly though, i can't think of one i don't like, so i'm prob not the one to ask:shrugs: .....i don't think you can go wrong, get it! they are the best!:yahoo:

    (did you hear that? :p )
  9. Yellow, but it's my favorite color, so I'm not objective!
  10. Yellow is good too!!! :yahoo:
  11. white MC. :smile:
  12. Oooh, I don't think there's any best color because they all look so nice! But I like pinki's preferences...

    Black epi
    Yellow epi (the purple lining is TDF! :drool:)
    Damier (I wish!)
  13. I like the regular mono best. Then, blue, red & black.
  14. I love my Monogram Petit Noe!


  15. Mono