best color for pedicures?

  1. So, I'm getting my regular Pedi today and need some ideas on new colors. I've always done the bright summer pink with little flowers on the big toe.

    What other colors should I consider?
  2. OPI melon of troy. shiney coral pink. i just had my pedi today with it.
  3. Not sure of names but a hot coral always looks nice in the summer. I love chanels vamp on toes too or french pedicure.
  4. Cajun Shrimp by OPI is a really nice bright Coral color for the summer , for me I Go either bright coral , pink or red , no matter what the color is always bright and super shiny
  5. I love to have pedicures and have them just put clear polish naked, but finished toes! =)
  6. I only get Frenchie's.
  7. I also love French pedis. I can't stand the way my feet look otherwise.
  8. I'm getting mani and pedi today too!! I'm taking my bottle of Chanel Vamp. I still can't get enough of this colour. Besides, I usually wear neutrals so it's the perfect complement to my wardrobe. Not a fan of bright hues really hehe.
  9. I just got french a couple days ago, but I usually have super bright color such as orange, red, hot pink!
  10. My summer brights are either Opi Hottie Pink or Essie Pansy (very similiar). A lighter pretty pink, not as bright is Essie Castaway. I tend to wear the Opi one the most in the summer though.
  11. I like anything DARK, dark purple, dark red, and dark browns.
  12. I just got OPI's Mauve-lous Memories on my's bright, but not too overpowering for my fair complexion.

    I tend to get lighter neutrals on my fingernails.....manicures don't last too long for me, but I get more mileage from lighter colors.
  13. I just got this really cool blue color when I went for my pedi yesterday. I really should start looking at names before I pick anything so I know for next time but I always forget. It's a cool turquoise/blue green color. I've never gotten anything like it before and was sick of my usual pink color for summer. I LOVE how my feet stand out with it on!!!
  14. I like french manicures on my toes.
  15. I like classic red.