Best color for Leigh?

  1. I am thinking of getting a Leigh, but I am not sure in what color I should get.
    I am so torn between black and brown (assuming whiskey-ish?) leather.

    The thing is that I have two Alis in black and whiskey. I am thinking of letting go of one of Alis when I get a leigh. T.T I have to decide which color I would keep too.

    It's been so so so difficult. It's even given me a serious insomnia, I mean really!
    So, this time... I need your help. Whatever you ladies tell me to do, I would!

    Please help me to decide.

    Which color should I keep for Ali? And which color should I get for Leigh?

    I want to sleep........ please help me....:crybaby:

    p.s. I haven't been on this site for few months. Now, I can't really find "search" tool bar. I think we used to be able to search the certain word to SEARCH a thread. Where is the search bar? Does anybody know?
  2. I think you should keep the Ali in black and get the whiskey Leigh.

    (the search function is under maintenance)
  3. I am biased, I have a black ali but out of the colors for the Leigh I think the black leigh, juniper and khaki black look the best, I would not like this bag in whiskey because I think it has too much of a "polished" look for such a vintage looking leather.I can't find the search feature either !
  4. I think that last years whiskey is a better color than this years. I love the whiskey color but I went with Leigh in black because I had seen too many odd looking whiskey bags this year. (differences in trim color and body color)

    I would have to say that I really thought about getting the khaki/black Leigh though. That is a really pretty bag!
  5. I like it in Khaki/black the best- but if you have to have leather I would go with the Black.
  6. I would also get the leigh in black only because I think that bag looks better in black than whiskey. I would seriously consider the chocolate signature though, it is TDF! :tup: Good Luck, I hope you get some rest soon!!! :sleepy: BTW The search option is not working right now.. they are working on it. :tdown:
  7. Here it is in khaki/Black

  8. I LOVE the Leigh in the Brown Signature print! It's stunning!
  9. I would choose Black over Whiskey for the Leigh (but I have to say I love my Raisin Leigh ;)

    I agree with luvshopping90, the current Whiskey seems quite different than the older version, the finish seems less vintage and more shiny or something.
  10. I have the Leigh in the chocolate signature and its my favorite bag of all time. I usually go for leather bags, but this bag in the choc sig is really stunning.
  11. I would keep the Whiskey Ali and get the Black Leigh.

    But I actually think that the best color for a Leigh is raisin!
  12. i would totally get the black leigh...i'm also considering getting the leigh and was in the same dilemma till i went in and saw both the black and whiskey...i feel like the whiskey does not do the leigh justice...but it is just stunning in black...and i would keep the whikey ali..hope i helped...!
  13. OMG! I love chocolate signature one, too! Only I am not so a big fan of signatures. I hope there's a chocolate leather leigh!

    I am still debating... but I thought I liked a black leigh better than a whiskey.
    I like both alis in whiskey and black. but I use my black ali a lot more. For me, whiskey is too bright and isn't really going well with my wardrobe. I feel the whiskey somewhat makes me look older. (anyone with me?)

    I don't know what to do... Chocolate leather leigh would look so pretty too!
    Now I eliminated the whiskey leigh... I think I am gonna get a black leigh...

    But.. with Ali... I don't know.... which one do you prefer? whiskey or black...? Can I keep the black ali and buy the leigh in black, too? Will I miss my whiskey? or Should I get a brown ali?

    It is so shaking my brain~~~ Maybe I should just buy everything and not eat for a month!

    Thank you so very much for sharing opinions with me! :heart:I feel so comfortable with you here that you really know how I feel... My friends in the real world don't understand why I have to spend so many nights debating over Coaches. >.<
  14. exactly what I was going to say! This bag is gorgeous in khaki/black but if you only want whiskey or black leather, I'd choose black!:tup:
  15. agree!!!!! chocolate sig is also beautiful on this bag!