Best Color for Heatstamping

  1. So.....shhhhh! I bought my husband a Porte Document Geant for Christmas in Anthricite. The matching luggage tag is anthricite, which is dark charcoal grey. I want to have it heatstamped with his initials, but what color?? Gold just seems too flashy for a man and not in keeping with the understated elegance of this bag. Any ideas?
  2. when you take the tag to a store for heatstamping, they'll give you a whole list of colors and fonts and sizes, and you can see which goes best on the tag
  3. how about just having it stamped without colour?

  4. Hmmm...yes, I was thinking about that too. I can't think of any of the colors that wouldn't be too bright or flashy.
    I also have to exchange it. I bought it from my very favorite SA in Edmonton last week during PSN/Double Amex points day and had a business associate pick it up and send it for me here in Ontario. The only problem is, is that the SA sent the burgundy! She tracked down the right one at the Bloor flagship for me, so I have to exchange it.
    I want to have it quietly done this weekend if I can. We're taking the children into T.O. for the weekend for the Santa Claus Parade. I'm hoping I can drop it off Saturday and pick up Sunday.
  5. agree, just have it stamped w/o color :yes:
  6. I would seriously kill for a Porte Document Geant. Wanna marry me?
  7. GOLD! I am getting this for Hannuka and thats exaclty what I'm going to do. It will match the oversized gold HW and ooh thanks for the idea.
  8. first cyber-proposal! :shame:
  9. I normally heat stamp in the same colour as the Louis vuitton font inside so it matches :biggrin:
  10. I duno about the colour schemes available, but you know how the strips of anthracite is surrounded by 2 other strips of colours in tan/burgundy, so perhaps a colour close to that? :smile:
  11. That'd look great! Agree!!
  12. i'm with her :yes: something in either caramel or red would be nice. if my PDV in anthracite had a luggage tag i'd go for caramel. your DH is a lucky man by the way. have you got the matching Mirage Speedy? :graucho:
  13. I do! Mine is bordeaux, but I want anthricite for him. It just seems more masculine to me.

  14. I like the tan idea. Not so flashy as gold. If I don't go with tan, then I think I'll just leave it colorless, like the others here suggested. I like that suggestion too.
  15. I think gold would be a good color!