Best Coach to hit up in Vegas?

  1. I'll be in Las Vegas for a week for a conference for work - I know there are two outlets and at least one actual Coach boutique in Vegas, and since I'll have just a smidge of downtime while I'm there, I'm wondering what the best place to get my Coach fix there will be. If anyone's been recently I'd love to hear where you recommend I go. Thanks!
  2. I have never been to the one near the strip but I almost always find something at both State Line and the one in Barstow. If you are driving from Los Angeles stopping at Barstow is a must but otherwise it is way to from from Vegas.

    You can see some of the things I have picked up.
  3. I went to the one on the strip at Fashion Show Mall. It was huge and everyone was really helpful and friendly:smile:

    It's right across from the Wynn hotel....can't remember the street name though....
  4. There are 2 boutiques in the Caesar Forum shops :yes:
  5. My preference is the two coach shops at ceasars and the outlet near the stratosphere.
  6. When I was there in January one of the boutiques in Caesars was closed. It was the one that is the older one right off of the Caesars casino. They are remodeling that one but the one in the new area of the Forum is GREAT!!! It has the Legacy room.

    As for outlets, I hit both of the outlets. The one near downtown, Premium is awesome. I bought a lot of goodies there. The one at the end of the strip is brand new and very large. They had a couple legacy items when I was there. See how much time you have but I love all of the Las Vegas coach stores.

    Have Fun!!! I want to go back so bad.
  7. There is an outlet on the state line, and at the fashion outlet in vegas. There are also 2 boutiques in Caesars Palace and one in Barstow (thats an outlet) stop at all if you can! hehe
  8. Hi! I was just there last week. I agree with the others about the Fashion Show Mall. Also, the two shops in Caesars.

    I visited both outlets - the one in Primm (Fashion Outlets) and the one in downtown LV at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets. I had to take a 45 minute shoppers shuttle out to the Primm outlet and I was so disappointed. I picked up a couple things, but I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the one at the Premium Outlets. I liked that one so much, I went twice! ;) I picked up a leather Soho tote, 4 wristlets (two were for friends), a mini skinny, two coin purses (one was the lemon slice, so cute! my daughter has her eye on that one), two cell phone lanyards (the mink poms - $16!!), and my favorite out of the trip - a legacy french purse (wallet). Coach - LEGACY SIGNATURE FRAMED FRENCH PURSE I got it at the outlet for $143. They had amazing deals and they were SO helpful. I even stopped to tell the manager how terrific her team was. If you go, go early! I went on a Sunday first thing and again last Tuesday. On Tuesday, there were EIGHTEEN of us waiting at the door when it opened!

    Have fun! I miss it already!

  9. id say go to ceasarssssssssssssss :smile: i love the sa's there! so very helpful! and they actually KNOW about the stuff! its great
  10. Thanks for all the tips! I'll be working most of the time I'm there so won't have time to hit everything - sounds like the downtown premium outlet and the Caesars boutiques are the best bets.
  11. I deffinately agree with the Caesar's boutiques! The SA's are so friendly and helpful! :yahoo:
  12. yeah, caesar's is awesome!! so is the premium outlet ... those are the two I always go to!
  13. I always go to the 2 at Caesars, and the one at the Fashion Show Mall...I have only been to the outlet one off of the I-15 and Charleston once it's too crazy for me...but the boutique with the best selection would be at the Forum II shops at Caesars on the upper is HUGE and they have everything from the LE Exotic skins bags to clothes and shoes to key rings...i was there just on Friday...since I live here in Vegas it's good to have this many Coach stores to choose from..
  14. I go to vegas at least 5 times a year, and never knew there was an outlet off the I-15 and charleston. Does anyone know exactly where it is, so I can hit it up in the next couple of months. Thank you!

  15. It is right at the state line. In Primm. You can't miss it it. It right by those big hotels like Wild Bill's right when you cross the CA-NV state line.