Best Coach store in NYC?

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  1. I'm going tomorrow for a shopping day and I just wanna know if any of you know which is the best one to hit (i.e. where is the flagship store or one with a lot of merchandise or one that carries legacy and/or jewelry) TIA:heart:
  2. I live and work on the westside, so rarely make it up to my favorite store, but it's on 85th and Madison. They tend to carry a lot of limited edition and off-the-beaten-path items, which I tend to prefer.
  3. I shop at 595 Madison, I don't have enough time to go to the Rock. Ctr. one at lunch. They have Legacy, jewelry and are pretty big. The SAs are nice, too.
  4. The Coach stores at 595 Madison Avenue (at 57th Street) and 445 West Broadway (SOHO) are pretty big. And the one in SOHO isn't very far from the Louis Vuitton store.
    I've caught a great sale on my coach sneakers at the one at 10 Columbus Circle @ The Time Warner Building.
    I've also caught good sale on my Ireland Wedges at the store on 79 Fifth Avenue (at 16th Street).
    Hope this helps with planning your shopping trip.
  5. I have not been there in quite a while since I no longer work or go to school in Manhattan, but the Soho store on Broadway was my favorite. Plus it's close to many other designer boutiques.
  6. thanks for the suggestions! i might go to more than one ;)
  7. Definitely. Have fun. :smile:
  8. sooo did u shop 2day ?:smile: which store did u go 2?
  9. i went, i saw, but didn't quite conquer ;)

    i visited the soho store which was FAB, but didn't get anything (i just tried on bags to decide which is the best for me).

    well, at least now i know i really want the patent ergo hobo (now i just have to decide between red or black . . . decisions, decisions)
  10. heeh oh thats my fav store!!! :smile: there are 2 SA's a guy and a girl there, who are like totally fun and goofy i love them! my fav store hands down

    thats awsome you know you love it color that is a hard choice!
  11. ^^ yea, the SA s were great and the store was huge compared to my local boutique ^^

    i went to other designer stores and the SAs there were by far the nicest.
  12. I frequent the Flagship store at 16th Street and Fifth Avenue. That is one of the largest stores and they always have a really great selection and lots of in stock items.