Best Coach Ebay finds?!

  1. Hey ladies, I was kind of curious... what have been your best Coach E-bay finds? Here's mine...
  2. I got a really good deal on a Coach signature wristlet once.
  3. ohh thats such a pretty coach purse!!
  4. Scribble stitch wristlet
  5. pebbled leather shoulder tote
  6. Got the white leather soho braided hobo currently in stores (for $198) for $110, the small white hampton's weekend hobo for $32!!! and a black signature braided flap for $99 (outlet price at the time I bought it was $200).
  7. Small Hamptons white hobo for $70, and a large khaki one for $80, and I bought the large scribble hobo and minskinny for $100 on Livejournal.
  8. Awesome! Sounds like some good finds :o)
  9. I've sadly never ventured onto eBay yet, so all of my best deals were from the July outlet sale LOL.
  10. katie, i swear i will sell my soul for that bag you have...
  11. oooh...
    apparently my soul is going to be sold...there's one on eBay...
  12. Haha! I bought mine and I've used it... ONCE! I'm terribly afraid to use it. Doesn't go on the shoulder and it's so pretty.... LOL
  13. I won the Chelsea Optic hobo for about 80 off retail when it was just released back in Aug! What a deal
  14. so, you know, if you want to give it a good home...
  15. I have lots of good deals there. And one not so good deal but it all balances out in the end right?
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