Best COACH day ever!!!!

  1. So as I posted earlier, I went up to Woodbury Commons in NY. I had read the outlets were putting out new stuff January 2nd, and I had a wristlet to return. I also decided one legacy small shoulder zip was enough so I was bringing back whiskey. She wasn't in the best shape & I had my eye on a different whiskey bag on eBay so this made the most sense. I was gonna go up this morning when they opened, but had to get some other things done & finally went up later this afternoon.

    I had a couple bleecker things in my hand and finally decided to get a small zip hobo since it was such a great deal, even though I didn't really need it LOL... you know how hard it is to leave Coach empty-handed! So I took one last trip past the clearance section and thought I was dreaming... was that REALLY what I thought it was?


    There she is hiding in her pretty dustbag (which has a little stain, but I can deal with that!)

    Needless to say I ran over, grabbed her, looked everything over and headed to the register, holding on for dear life the whole time LOL

    After my exchange I had to add a mere $40. Not bad for a bag that's $358....

  2. Pink Heritage Tote??
  3. Hey girl, what did you find? Do I need to head to the outlets?? :yahoo:
  4. I have honestly had the worst luck lately. The last 2 months of 2007 were horrible. I had a death in the family, then had to put my best friend, my beloved 9 year old dog to sleep in mid-December. He lost a short battle with brain cancer :sad:

    So FINALLY for one day things turned around! Hopefully this is the start of more good things...

    (lol sorry for the drawn out dramatic story!)

    Oh look who wants to come out and play...

  5. :popcorn:
  6. WOW- what a great outlet find!!!!
  7. Seriously, the luck! During that last trip around the store they put a Large Pink Heritage Stripe Tote on the clearance shelf! I have been dreaming about this bag (in the medium, but I'm not picky!!!!) and there she was. It felt like fate lol. I actually thought it WAS the medium at first even though the tag said large, so I checked the creed and yep, large!

    The girls at the register were like ARE THERE ANY MORE OF THOSE? LOL I said no it was a return, this won't even be in stores til February! I said "I feel like I just won the lottery" LOL... so anyway here she is resting comfortably at home!


    My good camera battery went just as I started taking pics, so either tonight or tomorrow I will add more as well as some modeling pics. I'm barely 5'3" and honestly think it's a nice size. Bigger than I need, but for the price ($255!!!!) I am more than happy. I wasn't going to be able to get this til next PCE & was worried the pink would be gone by then so I'm feelin good :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnyway thanks for listening to my tale here lol. If you're the one that returned this today, THANK YOU, you made my day :tup:
  8. Wow you're good LOL... just from the dustbag! :tup:
  9. Hey! I posted in another thread, they have alot of bleecker and hamptons stuff. If Woodbury had this much, I'd imagine PA will be great. Good luck if you head there :tup:
  10. WOW!!!! You are so lucky! You will love her
  11. good find!!!!!!!!
  12. Beatuiful.. congrat's and enjoy!
  13. Thanks, I may just head there tomorrow. I still have to return the Ali & Mandy.
    I broke down and ordered the pink tote in medium at the very last minute before the store closed and was still able to use my PCE. It should be here by tomorrow or Fri.
    Congrats on the great find, I'm glad you are starting out 08 with a bang!
    I'll let you know if they have anything great at Tannersville.
  14. Congratulations, it's BEAUTIFUL!! I'm falling for this bag FAST!

    Lucky you!
  15. great find!!! congrats, and I hope this is a sign for the change of your luck for the new year!!! :tup: