Best Coach Bags for Moms on the Go

  1. Hi!

    I got this idea after picking up a couple of great Coach cross body bags and rea lized from some of the posts that this is one issue that is very common--we often need bags we can easily manage while keeping up with our kids.

    Here are a couple of my latest finds. Would love to see your favorite 'mom-on-the-go' bag with pics if possible and why it's such a great bag.

    Maybe we can help other tpf ladies find that perfect mom-on-the-go Coach treasure!:yes:
    hampton2 (Large).JPG hampton1 (Large).JPG hippie3 (Large).JPG
  2. I don't have any pics of me wearing it but my large Ergo tote is awesome for hauling tons of stuff. Normally I have just my stuff in it but when necessary, it holds everything! The other day I added a diet coke, son's t-shirt, goggles for swimming, magazine, and goldfish bag. And the bag itself is so light that it wasn't too bulky with everything in it. Plus it's gorgeous in Turquoise (especially with it's matching pink purse hanging from it :smile: )
  3. you know, it used to be messenger bags (hence my name) but lately I've found that a small shoulder bag works just fine. I got a medium Carly in the F&F that I'm hoping will fit the bill if I can get it to stay on my shoulder! I also ordered the cross body signature stripe bag too that will be when I absolutely need hands-free.
  4. Tejasmama:

    You are so right on about that Legacy Hippie Bag! It is gorgeous on you and so functional too! You sold me on it! I found one on eBay brand NWT from Maerim and bought it for $299 plus shipping. I am so happy you bought it as it enabled me to get it. I run around to soccer/baseball games all weekend long. I am always schlepping my sons stuff around so like you I need that perfect bag for Mom's on the go. The Ergo Cross Body is a great bag for this purpose as well. I really love the black one.

  5. Oh, I'm so glad you ordered it! I just love how it hits and it really has a lot of room. It's often a struggle for me to keep up with my little kids and a shoulder tote or carryall--I love them (the bags) but don't get to use them nearly as much.

    I looked at the Ergo crossbody, too--gorgeous bag!

    Don't forget to post pics when you get it! Oh, and which color did you buy?
  6. I LOVE the ergo tote and have been trying to decide if that is going to be my PCE purchase (if I get an invite). Do you think the turquoise is a year round color? I think it is--I live in Texas, so we're pretty warm year round. If you get a chance to post pics with all your goodies in it, that would be great.

    Especially with goldfish crackers inside. They're always all over my car!:yes:
  7. I really like the demis. I can keep all my own stuff in the demi and it's small enough that it doesn't interfere with the giant diaper bag I am also toting around on that same sholder.
  8. Shellyb17,

    You're right--the demis are a great choice, especially inside a diaper bag. The demi can even slip in the diaper bag and just retrieved when needed. Cute baby BTW!

    Any moms out there--if you've got some recommendations, we'd love to hear them and see some pics! Field testing bags are very valuable to us moms!:wlae:
  9. I love the demi inside a diaper bag (or bigger bag) idea and have done that on MANY occasions. :yes:Since my DD is older now and I don't need a diaper bag, but still need to be able to carry stuff for her ("distractions") I bought a medium Carly Sig in Gold. It holds a TON!!!!! :biggrin:I love the Large Carly but it is just too heavy for me. Plus, the extra space is more VERTICAL which means I'd have to DIG for stuff...and I don't like digging :p So...the MEDIUM CARLY is my suggestion if you just want to carry ONE bag - plus it ZIPS shut so nothing falls out!!!
    I'll post a pic of my Carly all filled up, in a bit.
  10. yeah, whenever i think of mom on the go bags, i always think of the ones where it has the strap to go across the body. i think it works wonderfully for moms and looks good too. regardless it's not an old-fashion kind of look..i've seen it on younger people too. i like your brown rollie bag you have on. thanks for sharing and inspiring others
  11. I ordered the whiskey color like you! I own the Ali in Whiskey and white and I love them both. I know that I will get use out of this bag. I will post pictures of me wearing it when I receive it.
  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE this thread, TejasMama! My purse obsession really kicked into high gear after I had my son (who's now 3-1/2) and I went on a hunt for the perfect diaper bag.

    Now that he's older, my two absolute favourite mom-on-the-go bags are:

    1) Black signature Mandy! Love her. Best bag ever.

    2) Legacy hippie in khaki/ebony (sorry these are so blurry)

    Other bags that I have found very useful as "mom" bags:

    - large camel leather Carly (but not totally perfect since I'm a bit paranoid about getting it wet or dirty)

    - Hamptons business tote (great size but it's hard to sling over my shoulder with one hand)

    - brown signature Gallery tote (good size but same problem as the Hamptons tote)

    - swingpacks (excellent for trips to the park when I don't need to carry a bunch of stuff, but know that I will have to carry a tired kid home afterwards).
    Hippie%2C%20on%20from%20front 1.JPG Hippie%20from%20side%202 1.JPG
  13. Here's a pic of my Medium Carly...she stays on my shoulder GREAT!! Very comfy.
    IMG_1439.JPG IMG_1440.JPG
  14. Mine is my Hamptons leather swingpack or anything that is a crossbody!

    It has to have a long strap for it to be "running around with toddler" friendly!!
  15. Siala,

    LOVE the idea of using the Mandy as a go-to Mom bag! And I haven't seen the signature hippie--that is GORGEOUS! Love, Love, Love it!

    Purse-o-nality---great pics of the Carly full of goodies!

    Having to keep up with kids (even as they get older) is a great reason to keep hunting for the perfect Coach bag!