Best Clutch for a Businesswoman??

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  1. I am writing because my girlfriend's birthday is coming up and I was searching for something to get her this year.

    I noticed that when we met for lunch during the week she usually brought a couple of items out with her (e.g. iPhone, keycard, wallet) and since she didn't have many pockets, if any, her hands were usually full (i.e. she dropped her stuff on occasion since there were too many things to juggle).

    So, I thought of getting a clutch for her this year so that she could fit everything into a nice, neat package when she went out.

    Given this, I was wondering if you had any recommendations for clutches that was appropriate for her to bring to the workplace, but was also fashionable/stylish enough that she could use it during the evening, etc.

    I think she is a bit conservative in her color palette (i.e. black, not hot pink haha) and she usually wears something along the lines of a dress shirt/skirt (white/black) to work usually.

    Some of the options I had in mind were:
    Bottega Veneta Woven Satin Knot (Black)

    Prada Gaufre Nappa Leather Clutch (Black/Cameo?)

    Yves Saint Laurent Belle de Jour Clutch (Black)

    Thanks for the help! =)

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  2. These are all gorgeous options! If I were to choose a clutch for day/work, I think the Prada would be the way to go.
  3. I'm loving the YSL!
  4. i love all 3!

    i say in my terms of liking:
  5. Prada!
  6. Ysl :smile:
  7. I'll make a couple of style comments. First, I think satin is a bit too-too for daytime; it screams "prom night" to some women and might be perceived as less professional.

    The iPhone might be a tight fit in the BV knot -- much as I :heart: that clutch!

    I'd go for the Prada -- the cameo pink is very ladylike, but the design and materials suit professional attire.

    You're a great friend to get this for her!
  8. Ysl
  9. What she said.:smile:

    Also, is the Prada available in black? That might be more suitable based upon what you've shared about her preferences.... Still, the cameo pink is gorgeous and sophisticated without being overly girly.
  10. YSL, classic and timeless.

    you are an awesome friend for thinking of her like that :smile:
  11. Ooooh all 3 are TDF, but I'm loving the YSL, second choice Prada...what a lovely friend you are!!:balloon:
  12. Bv
  13. The YSL classic for all occassions.
  14. The last one is the most business appropriate of your 3 choices. The others are to dressy.
  15. Those are 3 great choices, leaning towards the Prada.

    What about Perrin Paris?
    This is a great organizer. Comes in a plethora of leathers and colors.