Best CL for work - newbie here need help

  1. Ok guys, I have been reading and adoring the postings about all your CLs. I will love to own a pair but it def. has to be a shoe that I could wear for work. From the experts, please tell me which is the best pair. I work in a Senior position for a law department of the hospitality industry. Not very formal but sometimes a lot of hours. This pair of CL would be my treat for my hard work.
    Help me out with names and pictures if you may. TIA!!!!!
  2. Lolita - you are going to absolutely fall in love with CL shoes. I highly recommend the simple pump, I think it is a very practical every day shoe and I wear a pair to work almost every day. I prefer the 100mm heel, but they are also available in other shorter heels that are probably more practical if you do a lot of walking and/or standing. Here is a photo, it looks like an ordinary shoe in the photo but it really is very special once you slip it on:
  3. Or perhaps the new minibout zep, I am not personally a fan of this shoe but it looks like a shoe a lawyer would wear (a very fashionable lawyer that is):
  4. The peanut wedges are great to work in. The simples once broken in are great. I would try to find some of the VP or no Prive in a 70 heel with the platform, That would be a goood work shoe. NAP has some pointed toes at 70 also. They also have some lower heel summer shoes, slides, that are very classy. So you work for a law firm? You could change out your shoe if you have an event, so you are not in it all day. Good luck!!
  5. I agree with the simple pump, as well as peanuts, The peanuts feel like your not wearing heels at all
  6. Thank you so very much, is 70, 85 and 100 the heel height?
  7. This is so much like me!! I love the black/red combo:yahoo: and the peep toe is so IN. Now, where do I go shopping for these bad bad boys?
  8. can someone post pictures of the peanut wedges? everyone talks about them but i've got no idea what they look like!
  9. Here's what the "Peanut" wedge looks like (in tortoise shell patent). It also comes in black patent, black suede, leopard pony hair, etc.

  10. The minibouts you can get at They look lovely!
  11. Lolitablue, I would go with a pair of black, regular leather, simple pumps with an 85mm heel. The heel is just low enough that walking around in them all day is quite easy. I own a pair and they are perfect for wearing anywhere.

  12. miss ticks are comfy too
  13. i'd say either a pair of Simple 70 or 85s OR Horatio in kid skin. I have a pair of Horatios (my first CL's ever) and I wear them to death.
  14. I suggest black simples in 85mm. These are so comfortable, can be dressed up or down (so you can wear it outside of work too) and they look great with anything. This is truly the most versatile CL shoe there is. It is also the most comfortable too. I think every woman should start out with a pair of simples. Then you can add different colored ones later. ;)

  15. Are these the simple pumps? They look lovely and so me!!! Thank you, girls!!