Best Christmas Ever! Warning-You'll be Green With Envy

  1. I've had the best Christmas ever. First of all celebrating with loved ones is wonderful and my brother gave me the fantastic news that I'll be an aunt in the new year.

    Now, let's get down to business: This is what I got for Christmas this year

    A lovely bandeau

    Visionaire 52 (ordered back in July, arrived on the 24th of December)

    LV necklace

    European Travel Guide 2008

    And last but not least a Mercedes C280 Avantgarde 2008 model which I will get end of January 2008!!!!!

    I was and am still completely overwhelmed by the gifts I received. My family is great and I love them so much!

    My husband gave me the bandeau, necklace and Mercedes. My kids gave me the Travel Guide and the Visionaire was a present to myself.
  2. MAJOR!!! Absolutely MAJOR!!! Unbelievably MAJOR presents!!! Merry Xmas!
  3. Some more pictures for you to enjoy
    Bandeau on Neo Cabby GM
    Close up of Visoniare

    I got no 2279 of 2500 copies!

    Scarf that I gave to DH for when he travels to Germany in February
  4. wow. your gift tops everyone else's. Congrats.
  5. NICE. Love LV but nothing beats a Benz for Christmas!
  6. ^^You are so right!
  7. WOW! I'll take the car, please....hehe.

    Lucky you, enjoy everything! Merry Christmas!
  8. Nice! You must have been good! lol! I would love to get a car!
  9. Well, the car was probably long overdue. My Volvo is 7 years old and doesn't match my flashy LV bags. But I never dreamed that DH would get me a Merc. I wish I could drive it now but it doesn't arrive until end January. Will wait patiently.
  10. you got a mercedes???? :nuts:
    wooow merry x-mas!

    i got 50 euro! lol but i'm verry happy with that
  11. OooooWeeeee! What an awesome Christmas this turned out for you...Love 'em all and most especially the new Benz!!!
  12. congrats!:yahoo:
  13. yay congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats! I love your car.
  15. wow... the car is hot!!