Best Choreography

  1. I cannot follow choreography for the life of me, so I greatly admire people who can.

    Here are my picks for music videos with the best choreography:

    Elvis Presley: Jailhouse Rock
    YouTube - Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (Music Video)
    The choreography is not complicated. Anyone could imitated it, but Elvis is the only one doing it the way he does. How does that saying go? "Often imitated, never compared"?

    (There were so many I had to choose from. They're all great songs and great videos, but I picked three very different ones.)
    Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal
    YouTube - Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
    That lean 3 minutes and 38 seconds into the video. Enough said.

    Michael Jackson: Remember The Time
    YouTube - Michael Jackson - Remember The Time
    This gets bonus points because both Eddie Murphy and Iman are in it. It incorporates Michael Jackson's style of dancing with 'Egyptian' things. (But they're blended so well that there's not too much of one or too much of the other.)

    Michael Jackson feat. Janet Jackson: Scream
    YouTube - Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson - Scream
    There's only a small dance break in it, but what I loved about this is that Michael and Janet have completely different dancing styles. Micheal is more smooth. Janet is more sharp, and to get the two of them dancing together and in unison is just . . . wow.

    Janet Jackson: If
    YouTube - If - Janet Jackson
    This one shows she's not just Michael's little sister. This shows her style of dancing. And given the lyrics, it's naughty and sexy without being overly raunchy. Regardless, this shows a new Janet. One that shows she's in control of herself.