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  1. PST



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  1. Hey ladies! Im really in the mood to get a chanel fix lol and i have diff options but i dont know what to get. I do have to mention i have the Medallion tote, and i wanted the pst in washed caviar with silver, but i dont know if it wouldnt be worth to get another tote? I really do lust for it! I also have found the mini flap really cute, and found one as well in silver. Then theres also this vintage medium flap i found with gold hardware( not a fan of gold, but now im starting to) So which you think would be best choice? TIA!
    d5fa_1.JPG 2081_12.JPG 64217770_o.jpg
  2. btw the medium flap is PATENT :smile:
  3. I vote PST since is still different from the Medallion, yet hold a lot..
  4. pst
  6. medium flap
  7. PST for me too!
  8. I love the mini flap!
  9. medium flap!
  10. Medium. It's a nice contrast from the medallion.
  11. vote for pst
  12. Of all the 3 bags, I vote for the PST. But if you could get your hands on a medium/large flap which is not patent, that would be my choice!!!
  13. Medium flap--since you already have the Medallion tote.
  14. ^ what snowwhite said
  15. the mini flap is SUPER cute~~~!!