Best Chloé bag for dresses

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  1. Hello everyone

    I am considering getting my second Chloé bag (I already have a medium Marcie in tan) which would go with more dressy summer outfits, such as cocktail dresses for weddings, beach dress etc

    I am now looking to see if either the Nile, Nile Minaudière or Pixie go into sale, hoping to get a more neutral color such as grey, blush or beige.

    I‘d prefer to have it small and be able to put the bag around my arm, but I don‘t know if the handles of the Pixie would fit.

    What do you think, which bag makes the most sense?

    IMG_1753.jpg IMG_1754.jpg IMG_1755.jpg
  2. Minaudière....and it's been on sale. I got the beige 40% off
  3. I found both Pixie and Nile into sale in Net a porter and in farfetch! I love Nile Minaudière both in grey and beige and i believe that matches with the most summer outfits :smile:
  4. I really like the look of the second one
  5. I just got the small nile in metallic gold on sale at MyTheresa--I bought it specifically to wear for dressier occasions! I'm going to remove the shoulder strap and just use the bracelet part when using it with evening wear.
  6. I also thougt that the Nile looked pretty good as it also has more room than the Minaudière. Do you find the bag heavy?
  7. I just ordered it today so I haven't gotten it yet. The small size looked like a good compromise between the medium and minaudiere. I also don't love the metal piece hanging off the bottom of the minaudiere. I don't plan to use the bag much for daywear. If I had I would have probably needed the medium to fit more items.
  8. I bought the pixie in dark green at the net a porter sale and I find it to be a great neutral that goes with dresses and jeans. I love the metal handles too, looks so cute without the straps.
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