Best (cheapest!) way to book a last-minute cruise?

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  1. After flip-flopping all year on whether to go on a summer vacation, we've FINALLY decided to commit to the cruise idea. :yahoo: We're a family of 4 and are about 1 month away from our desired departure date -- I was hoping to score a sweet last-minute deal on a 7-day cruise from L.A. to Cabo. We want Royal Caribbean, not Carnival.

    Should I go through a cruise travel agency? Are there any web sites that will give us a good price? Will RC give me the best possible deal if I book directly through them?

    TIA for your advice! :P
  2. Did you look on travelocity or I've found good last-minute deals on both (although not cruises). I've had less luck trying to book directly with hotels, airlines etc, but maybe you have time to compare prices?
  3. is a good one. They've had some great deals posted recently!

    ps- it's a cheesy looking website, but it's legit. I've booked through them before... just wanted to warn you! lol
  4. Yup, I do have time to click around to compare prices. Thanks, I'll check them out!
  5. Hey bud! :biggrin: Thanks for the tip, I will definitely check them out. And I've noted the cheesy factor. lol.
  6. Check out this site cruisecompete(dot)com

    It is a site where a bunch of travel agents all compete and offer you their best price.
  7. ^^^ Thanks, beljwl....on my way!

    I knew I came to the right place by posting here. :smile:
  8. Let us know what you find, Kristy!
  9. try travelzoo. they always have the top 20 weekly travel deals.
  10. Update: I tried and The travel agents who submitted offers via did not have the cabin type I wanted -- they only had super expensive suites, when what I wanted was connecting balcony rooms. I thought it was pretty cool though -- that I could receive the offers via email and then decide whether to act on them. Neat service!

    Then I tried The rep I talked to was very helpful and knowledgeable, and actually did have the room type I wanted. He quoted me a reasonable price and was able to hold the reservation for me for a few hours. During that time, I called the cruise line itself, and found that they were able to give me a slightly better price than VTG (by about $200) and also got me rooms in a more optimal location on the ship. They were also able to offer me "My Time Dining" -- which is basically flexible dinner time seating, ideal for families.

    So, we're going on our first cruise, and we didn't break the bank!!! :yahoo: Thanks everyone for all your help!
  11. Congrats!!!!

    Do you live in Los Angeles? If not are you going to spend a few extra days in LA?
  12. Hi Beljwl! We're from SF and unfortunately, we'll only be arriving 1 day early -- probably the night before. I would've loved to stay a few extra days in L.A. but the kids start school a few days after the cruise ends. We do go down to L.A. a few times a year though -- we love to visit! :biggrin:
  13. Yay congrats & have fun! :tup:
  14. Thanks Claire! :smile:
  15. I am not sure if you drink alcohol. Since you are not "supposed" to bring your own alcohol on, since they want you to buy theirs. On the last cruise my DH and I took (I don't drink at all) some of our friend brought their own. What they did is got huge (costco size) bottle of mouth wash and just filled them up with alcohol. No one is going to open it up and check. They are looking for the actual liquor bottles.