BEST/CHEAPEST vacation deals online

  1. Hi! :heart:

    SO and I are planning to have a vacation for a week next month.

    I applied for my passport last week of April, but haven't gotten it yet. So, im afraid to book a cruise in the carribean without a passport in my hand.

    We're form NY, so we're thinking of maybe going south? Idk.

    AND, we're in a really tight budget, so we're looking for all inlcusive deals

    How i wish i would get my passport asap so i can book a cheap cruise without hesitation. :confused1:

    Do you guys know where i can book online for cheap vacation packages?

    xoxo :heart:
  2. I'd try or I've used both and been happy with what I've found.
  3. I recently heard on CNN that the Passport offices are so overwhelmed right now (because of this new rule for Caribbean, Canada) People are waiting months. Supposedly they are letting you go without a passport if you can provide proof that you have initiated the process. Websites I like for travel are priceline, expedia,
  4. ^^^yeap. Until sometime in September. :tup:
  5. ^^Yes, I have heard and read that if you have applied for a passeport, but haven't received it yet, you are allowed to show your driver's license and proof that you applied for the passeport, and this is until september I think. Here is a website that probably explains it
  6. ^^^ lol me to maybe that will help you. It was all over the news suprised you did not hear about it. I would try I always use them.
  8. You can book a cruise if your islands are listed on this website with the travel guidelines until September:

    Might want to call the cruise and confirm everything over the phone before you book. I know they were particular about people needing passports to board before this whole thing even started a few years back... at least the ones I've been on.
  9. its the BEST :yes:
  10. tnx guys! :heart:
  11. is one of my favorites.
  12. has a search engine that searches not only Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity AND Cheap Seats, Cheap Tickets, etc., it also checks out over 200 other travel sites to come up with the BEST deal you can possibly get!!!!!! :tup:
  13. searches every site at once.
  14. orbitz gave us the cheapest deal to the resort we wanted in Cancun!
  15. slightly off topic, but does anyone know for sure if we need a passport to fly the plane just to go from NY to Miami, or anywhere within the nation? Or is a state, permit, or driver's license good enough? btw, thanks for all the great sites, i'll be checking them out right now!