best/cheapest leather cleaner/conditioner?

  1. Hi! I'm looking to buy a leather cleaner / conditioner (is there a difference? i prefer cleaning over conditioning if there is a difference)

    I hear the Coach leather conditioner is great but I was wondering if there was anything cheaper that does the same thing or is just as effective.

    I didn't know whether or not Coach's leather cleaning supplies are just one of those ploys that expensive companies use where the products are the same as those being sold at Foot Locker lol.

    I mean, are leather sneaker cleaners usable on soft handbags? lol

    TIA! =)
  2. I seriously doubt Coach's leather cleaners and conditioners are a ploy. I've used both with great success over many years, and will use nothing else on my Coach bags.

    For other bags, such as those made by Hayden-Harnett and Balenciaga (delicate leathers)I am a recent convert to lovinmybags Pro Treatment - based on how well that works to make unfinished leather stain-proof and water repellant, I can only surmise their other products are most excellent. They are recommend for use on BBags, after all.

    Because my leather handbags and accessories are extremely important to me and I want them to be in the best condition always, I will not skimp on a cheap cleaner or conditioner.

    Just MHO.
  3. i had a very very bad experience with Apple Guard cleaner and conditioner on my unfinished leathers (Hayden Harnett and Bulga). I know others here use the brand and like the results (maybe on finished leathers?), but on my bags they caused darkening of the leather even using the tiniest amount.
  4. i've used apple care and apple gaurd on all my handbags with no problem (LV and Balenciaga mostly). You could get them for pretty cheap on
  5. I'm actually worried to use leather cleaners.

    I hear Coach and Appleguard is good. You really can't get much cheaper than Coach, the stuff is only $10 a bottle.
  6. I actually use Lexol leather conditioner on my bags. It is actually a very high quality conditioner that can be used on bags, shoes, etc. but it usually sold with automotive supplies. One bottle is $10-15 but it is a larger size than Coach.

    It has not deepened or lightened any of my bags and I own both light and dark colors. It also doesn't leave a shiney film like some conditioners.

    The only issue I've had with it is it has stained an Ivory Botkier bag that had untreated lamb leathers. I've seen several on eBay with leather conditioner stains so I know this conditioner isn't the only one - the leather on that bag is a little tempermental with conditioners in general. Having said that it does nothing to my white MBMJ bag. It has worked well on all my Coaches (I used to have a decent Coach collection).

    I have used it to get scuffs and scratches out of my shoes, bags, and lambskin coat with good results too. I've never even had to use leather cleaner yet - usually everything buff out with the leather conditioner.

    Besides Appleguard, Coach, and Lovinmybags, there are posts that recommend Cadilac. I haven't tried it myself but thought I'd mention it.
  7. Wilson's Leather Lotion is only $8 per 8 ounce bottle, and a little goes a long way. I use it on my bags and my BF's bag. It's not for suede, split, or nude leathers though. Some folks have said in the LV forums they have used Wilson's Waterproofing Spray on their vachetta with no trouble.
  8. I have had my bags sprayed at the shoe store recommended by Saks, LV, and Neimans here in Atlanta and they use a spray called Vectra. It's all natural and works beautifully! :smile: