Best Charm for a Damier Speedy 30

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  1. Hey fellow bagaholics! Im a newbie here and I wanted some of your input. I recently ordered a Damier Speedy 30 which is coming in January :yahoo: and I wanted to add a charm to it. What do you guys think goes well with the Damier Speedy? I tried the panda on the Damier Speedy at the LV store the other day but I wanted other options. Any suggestions?
  2. I used my Panda one day, then my Inclusion Speedy the next. Also I have the Jack & Lucie in orange and white, but the dark brown/tan one would look great on the Damier!
  3. I use my Panda Cles on my Damier Ribera MM. My Fortune Cles didn't look as nice against the background. I also have this old brass chain belt (I stole the idea from a PFer on her Damier Azur Speedy) to wrap around the handles and let it dangle, that is cute too.
  4. I got the gold disco ball today! The gold matches the gold hardware on the speedy.

    I'm also on the call list for the multicolore pastilles chain... they're sold out of them at the moment. I like it more than the brown monogram because it adds more color. But that's just me.
  5. I think the Jack & Lucie would look great on it too
  6. Thanks for your suggestions. If you have available pics of the charms hanging on your Damier Speedy, would you mind posting them so I have a better idea of its overall look? Thanks a bunch!
  7. I'm obsessing about the MC pastilles... I'm gonna be away for 2 weeks... hopefully they'll have it when I get back... it would suck if they try to call me while I'm gone & they end up selling it to someone else...
    Anyways, here's my gold disco ball from today...

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  8. That's a really cute disco ball charm 4everLV!! Good choice. I hope you get the MC pastilles when you get back, definitely something for you to look forward to when you get home. I was also considering the berry speedy inclusion for myself since I think that splash of color would look nice against the damier, but sadly, the LV store here does not have it on stock :crybaby: Somehow, the panda looks too pale against the damier, at least in my book. Oh well...the quest for the perfect charm is still on...:yes:
  9. I'm looking for the pastilles in marron (brown) too for my damier speedy... when/if I get it after the holidays, I will post pics. I'd love to see pics of it though
  10. I like the framboise vernis cles. It *pops* against the brown damier!
  11. i saw someone with the juicy couture cherries on it and it looked out of this world
  12. Here's a berry inclusion cell charm on my Damier 30

    Here's a berry inclusion speedy on my Damier 30

    Lastly, here's an inclusion cell charm, speedy, and a framboise vernis cles on my Damier 30
  13. i think i'm getting a juicy charm for christmas but i don't know which one. i asked for the cherries, the little fruity drink or the nesting doll but i don't know what they had in the store and what my sil got me.

    i would LOVE a brown pastilles but i just can't bring myself to spend the money.

    LOVE the berry inclusion cell!
  14. Here is the brown pastilles charm on my Damier Uzes
  15. ^ That looks gorgeous.