Best Chanel wallet?

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  1. I'm looking at getting my first Chanel piece. It will be a wallet. One I am eyeing is a purple yen boy wallet but it's lamb skin. Most of my bags have dark linings. Will the wallet get transfer badly? What about a black quilted calfskin? If I buy a Chanel wallet I plan on using it everyday. Thanks for any help. FYI I am buying pre loved off of fashionphile or Ann's most likely.
  2. color transfer on a dark wallet used in dark linings won't be much of an issue ; even if it happens, you wouldn't see it. i bought a pre-loved bright red lamb wallet from fashionphile a few years ago and it has held up beautifully in both light and dark bags. no wear, no corner issues or color transfer. as long as it's a darker purple and not a light mauve/lavender or something i think you'd be ok. my opinion! and i think it's brilliant to get a pre-loved wallet as your first piece, smart decision!:cool:
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  3. I have a black quilted zip around and use it daily. Pretty durable too!
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  4. Here are the three I think I'm deciding between.

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  5. those all look good. i agree w/the other poster that a zip around is a good choice, or something with a zip. just my experience, but i previously had one like that cambon, with a flap side closure, and the flap gets creased very fast b/c you need access that compartment a lot. it wasn't something i liked, but others might not mind. just something to keep in mind when making a choice. and fashionphile has great stuff, i am like a weekly customer, lol:biggrin:
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  6. I love them too. I just got a Givenchy from them and am in love. I don't like the Givenchy wallets they have right now but really want a Chanel this was a zip around I was looking at

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  7. that's cute, i saw that one a few days ago. i *think* it's from 2009 spring valentine's collection b/c of the charms on the side.

    ugh.. can't figure out how to quote yet on the new site!
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    Should I not get it since it was special collection? Since you know the site what would your u get as a first? I don't want to pay like $800. I think the choices I have are all $425-700

  9. oh gosh, no.. it's cute! i hope others chime in, too... i think we're all still navigating the new site, which is why you haven't had other opinions!
  10. It's only $425. Think in debating that or the purple. But open to suggestions
  11. Ok. I'm going to bug you one more time. These are my top 3. Which should I get?
  12. hmm... probably the black large one, but only b/c it has less wear. the reissue has no box and card and at least the others do. the purple is nice, but if you look at picture 2 and 4 the backside edge and corners have wear. i didn't see that on the longer black one. have you looked at yoogiscloset? they are another reputable seller with many chanel items
  13. Thanks. Yes I have. I like that fashionphile has layaway. Lol. I just bought my Givenchy so like that I can have 60 days to pay off
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  14. Do you think it's a decent deal or should I wait?
  15. i don't know:sad: not sure what that model retails for.