Best Chanel Store in Australia?

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  1. I am going there on vaca, which one should I go to?
  2. The Brisbane store isn't exactly renowned for their friendliness... your best bet is probably Sydney or Melbourne
  3. Thank you so much for letting me know. I will check out those locations.
  4. Melbourne has two stores - Flinders Lane in the city and Chadstone which is located inside a huge shopping mall about 25 mins from the city.

    The Flinders Lane store is beautiful and definitely worth a visit if you're in central Melbourne. It was designed by a famous NYC architect and made to emulate Coco's apartment on Rue Cambon and is architecturally beautiful.

    Stock wise I find Chadstone has a good range of stock but it really depends on what you're after.
  5. I highly recommend the Flinders Lane, Melbourne store, the SAs are really friendly and helpful. I have bad experience at the Chadstone store, so I wouldn't recommend this store at all.
  6. I can't really recommend any of the Sydney stores because of the snobbish SAs in all three stores. One exception is when I discovered this SA in Bondi Junction but their stock levels seems the least from the other two.

    Are you thinking of purchasing or just for the visit? If you are coming from US, it will be cheaper to buy there than in Sydney. Even as a tourist, you will be entitled to a 9% GST refund which in a way does bring the price down in comparison however I found it still not competitive enough to compare with say US, Europe, HK or Singapore.
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  7. Thank you all for your Perfect responses. I will definitely go Melbourne and do some shopping at Chanel. I am still undecided about what I will get but I am definitely getting a bag . I would love to go to the Coco Apt inspired store. Thank you again everyone.
  8. Melbourne Ln SAs are often extremely snobby.
  9. I am from New York and this would be for my first time in Australia. I am staying for a couple of weeks and hopefully, I will get chance to visit everywhere. Thank you everyone for helping me out .

  10. Don't forget to claim the GST (sales tax) back when you're departing Australia to go back to NY. The TRS refund counter is at the airport and tax refunds can be claimed for all purchases over $300 (in one transaction).

    Have fun and enjoy Australia!
  11. Thank you soo much for letting me know, I will definitely do that.
    Also, thank you for your kind words, I will have fun. I am super excited.

  12. I went to the Chanel boutiques near the Sydney Tower last month. One was in the mall and one was a block away as a street shop. I had a nice experience and nice SA at the street shop. While experienced more standoffish SAs in the mall one.

    The stock of bags is not very impressive in any of these shops unfortunately. Also the price savings vs US price wasn't much. I ended up buying one bag and the price (after refund) was the same as if I didn't pay US tax. The upside was that I was able to get a bag in a style/color that is hard to find in the US.

    Have fun shopping overseas! I always love seeing the different selections and colors available around the world!
  13. :nogood::nogood:
    We used to joke that what we have here in Sydney is the leftover of what the rest of the world does not want!
    This also applies to fashion as well!
  14. Thank you Both, lets see what happens and what I find. Hey, you never know
  15. Just a silly question , as I reading in a website ( that now I cannot find that website anymore) it told that we would be offered a free wine when we made a purchase in Chanel store ? Is it true or not ? I'm never been in a Chanel store (I always buy my Chanel perfume in the department store) so I'm really curious about this information ?