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Best Chanel stock?


Nov 1, 2006
Since I am Seattle, I have usually bought my stuff at Nordstrom or during vacations to SoCal or NY. But now that I have been introduced this forum, a whole new world has opened up for places to look for Chanel. Plus, if I find it out of town, I won't have to pay sales tax!
So since there are many of you more savvy than me in finding hottest Chanel bags, please advise this newbie :confused1: and others:
Where do they have the best stock (the hard to find & limited editions)? Which stores have to most selection to chose from?
Other than Nordstroms, are there other stores that e-mail pics?

Thanks in advance for your reply!:yes:


crazy for chalcedony
Apr 23, 2006
wish i could help you more, but i haven't been to many stores myself so i don't know if i can give the best advice.
i usually frequent the chanel boutique at south coast plaza in costa mesa, ca... they usually have what i'm looking for or are able to get whatever it is.
i felt the boutique in bloomingdales in nyc was the worst in selection, not to mention many of the SAs there are just very unfriendly and unapproachable!
i do have to say i was struck by the really nice bags at the chanel boutique on madison avenue in new york though. by far, the most python bags i had seen in one spot etc.
i think no matter what you might have to call around bc different boutiques get different things in (for ex a NM chanel will get one style that the regular boutiques don't and vice versa). good luck!


Jul 8, 2006
I dont think anyone is keeping there stores a secret, lol

I agree with *jennifer*, all of the stores have different bags because of the market they cater too. In san francisco, we have NM which carries chanels and then directly across the street is the chanel boutique. They often carry different bags. NM usually has the classics on display and the boutique normally has newer bags out or in the display windows. Also, from my own personal experience I have found that the boutiques in hawaii have the older stuff still in stock, like alot of the cambon pieces that are hard to come by in the usa. But, if you walk into any chanel boutique and want something they dont stock, you can always have your SA do a charge send and send it from another location. Im assuming same goes for NM, saks, bloomingdales and other speciality stores who carry chanel (heard NYC has a few).

also, another helpful tip would be too post something you cant find in this thread (chanel--shopping) because all of us are in different parts of the country/world so we can be your eyes hehe. if we see someone looking for it, normally its posted!

i love the chanel forum, alll the ladies in here are very very helpful!


Nov 1, 2006
Thank you Jennifer & lv1011!!
Both of you had great advice. I guess there is not one store that will always have the best stuff. And it does all depend on what the buyers order for each store. Since I just see what Seattle has, it always seems like I find more exciting bags when I am out of state...I truly must fall prey to "grass is always greener."
Maybe a better question should be who are a best SA's at finding what you want...and who give the worst service so don't deserve our commission $$.