Best Chanel selection in Los Angeles?


Dec 21, 2007
Los Angeles
Hi Girls,

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but for all the SoCal girls out there, where is the best selection of Chanel on the west side? Neiman Marcus, Saks, Robertson Boutique, Rodeo Drive...??? I've had a really bad day :cursing: and need to go immerse myself later....


May 1, 2007
L.A, California
WOW, that is a hard question to answer - I only shop at NM BH and Chanel BH / Rodeo for my Chanels...and both carry a lot of cross over stuff, but one always has stuff the other did not order. Never fails I get something at one location and when I go into the other location, the SA are always asking - where did I get such and such, they didn't order that item, never saw it etc, etc. I have to say I like NM return policy better that Chanel Boutique/ Rodeo...but my SA tells me not to pay any attention to it, she will take care of me...but I still like the NM policy better, no worries.

I don't know about any other fine dept. stores or Chanel / Robertson, since I don't shop them.

Sorry about your bad is Friday the 13th.:rolleyes:


Oct 6, 2006
Bay Area
The Chanel Boutique on Robertson was kind of disappointing when I was there (Dec 2008). I'd probably try the Rodeo location since it's in proximity to other stores that also carry Chanel...west LA traffic can be so annoying....:s